FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Nina Is Faced With a Major Decision Ahead of Maggie’s Return

FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Answers to the questions of whether or not Special Agent Nina Chase will remain with Jubal’s squad until Maggie Bell returns from medical leave will be provided in a special episode of CBS’s FBI this Sunday night.

According to prior reports, series regular Missy Peregrym will make her on-screen comeback from maternity leave in the Tuesday, November 15 episode; after Maggie was written off the show in April (after being exposed to a lethal toxin), Nina (Shantel VanSanten).

On Sunday’s episode, however, we learned that Nina has decided to go to the white-collar crime division, located two floors below her current workplace. since she has learned she is carrying Special Agent Stuart Scola’s child. However, it is yet unknown what she will do in regard to the pregnancy.

TVLine has learned that while VanSanten’s appearances on FBI will be fewer in number, she will still be considered a series regular.

Stuart inquired as to what Nina intended to do with regard to their child, and Nina responded, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” before they went back to the investigation at hand.

At the end of the episode, we saw Nina have a secret meeting with Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille after she had courageously posed as a Chechen defector who was being delivered over to militants who wished her dead.

This is my last case with you guys for a bit,” Nina announced to OA, Stuart, and Special Agent Tiffany Wallace afterward. I need to get away for a while and think things over. “But I’m just going to head on down to White Collar and take on all the bad guys in the insider training program.”

After that, Stuart accompanied her to the elevator and questioned, “Why are you really leaving?”

I just need some space to think about what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life. She added, “and you,” at the end of the sentence. When asked again if she plans to keep the baby, Nina insisted, “I don’t know. She muttered, “I just need some time,” as she stepped into the elevator and left. Read about FBI Season 5 Episode 6 review and more details.

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Nina gave Stuart a teary smile before rushing over to kiss and hug him while preventing the door from closing. Before she left for good, she said, “I’ll call you, OK?”

FBI Season 5 Epiosde 6 Review

FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Information
FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Information

FBI Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Certainly, there were better ways to deal with Nina’s departure. Instead in Episode 6 of Season 5 of the FBI her behavior underwent a dramatic shift.

It was expected that Nina would leave after Maggie’s reappearance on Episode 7 of Season 5 of FBI. At most, her time with the unit would continue as long as it took Maggie to recuperate from the effects of sarin gas.

They should have been able to do it easily. When Maggie comes back to the team, Nina will be moving on to the White Collar branch. Simple as pie. As a result, Nina and Stuart’s already tense relationship took another hit.

The positive pregnancy test result sent Nina, the unit’s alpha female, reeling and into a state of confusion after she learned that she was carrying Stuart’s child.

Upon learning this, she was, understandably, taken aback. And her connection to Scola was still unclear. She thought he was “just having fun,” but he seemed to be taking it far more seriously than she was.

When she finally did tell him, his earlier irritation with her made more sense. She was now under the impression that any mother would do anything to safeguard her child.

She seemed to maintain the attitude the whole time that whatever inappropriate action Liza took, she was just doing what she had to do to keep her son safe.

Because of the urgency of the situation, Nina was unable to digest the news of her pregnancy. Luckily her home state was one of the roughly twenty-two remaining ones where voters still had a say.

What a happy coincidence that Nina and Stuart found themselves in the same room at the same time for once this season. And it happened when her feelings about having kids were all over the place—during a kidnapping.

The burden of her uncertainty fell on Scola, who has always counted himself fortunate to get a second opportunity with Nina. After asking her how she was doing, he was brushed aside.

Stuart and Nina Fighting Over Liza’s intuition

Stuart and Nina Fighting Over Liza's intuition
Stuart and Nina Fighting Over Liza’s intuition

Stuart is not completely without fault here. When Nina told him she was pregnant, he reacted by smothering her, which was the last thing she needed. A kidnapping of a boy by his wealthy single mother, who caught the whole thing on her nanny cam, provided them with an unusual case to distract them.

As far as I could see, the situation was straightforward. Relax until you receive the ransom call, and then act accordingly. However, the typical signal was never transmitted.

The fact that the kidnappers were terrorists from the Chechen Republic just added to the bizarreness of the situation. To what end would they hire a market analyst?

With the discovery of Liza’s safe, Nina was able to piece together the story and learn that Liza was a CIA officer who left the field after the birth of her son. Sure, that’s great and all, but shouldn’t the CIA be able to safeguard the home addresses of their operatives from getting into the hands of terrorists? One might assume as much.

In order to get her kid back, Liza had been playing the FBI for suckers while plotting to deliver the person the terrorists sought.

When the federal authorities finally caught up with Liza, she still refused to turn over her asset in exchange for Luke’s safety. She figured the FBI could have a better plan.

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That’s not fair to Nina or the viewers, who got to know a very different version of her throughout the course of the season and the one who left. Maggie will thankfully be returning. The interesting part will be witnessing how her brush with death has affected her outlook on life.

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