James Prince Net Worth: How Rich is this American Businessman?

Here you will read about James Prince net worth, career and other details. James L. Smith (born October 31, 1964) is a music industry businessman, promoter, and manager in the United States. He goes by the monikers James Prince, J. Prince and Lil. He is the President and Co-Founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, which is headquartered in Houston.

Famously, he and his son Jas were the ones who brought Canadian musician Drake to Lil Wayne in 2009, resulting in the latter signing Drake to Young Money Entertainment. He has handled several notable boxers, including Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Shakur Stevenson.

Several notable southern hip-hop label executives, such as Birdman of Cash Money Records and Master P of No Limit Records, cite Prince as an inspiration. He is often referred to as a “godfather” of the rap music industry. Scarface the Geto Boys and Bun B are just a few of the artists whose careers he helped mold.

James Prince’s Early Life

Sharon Johnson Prince’s mother was just 16 when he was born and he has an elder sister, Zenia and a younger half-brother Thelton. They were raised in the notoriously poor and drug-infested ‘Bloody Nickel’ apartments in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

Football was a lifelong passion of his, and he’s been an entrepreneur since he was a kid. He began earning money at the young age of seven by mowing neighbors’ lawns, playing craps, selling stolen marijuana plants and maintaining a welding truck. His sister was walking home from school when she was struck and killed by a train.

While Prince was bouncing between schools and living arrangements, friends and family were being sent to prison. He completed high school at Kashmere.

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James Prince Net Worth

James Prince net worth: James Prince is a successful American businessman, with a fortune of $35 million. Currently, the CEO of Houston’s Rap-a-Lot Records, J Prince has amassed a substantial fortune.

James Prince’s Career

In 1985 at the age of 20 Prince worked as a bank teller in the fault department until being laid off. Before forming the company his primary objective was to prevent his younger stepbrother, rapper Sir Rap-A-Lot and his friends Raheem and Jukebox from becoming involved in criminal activity and dropping out of school.

On the porch of his grandmother’s house is where they would get together to rehearse and play. The west side of Houston is now home to Smith Auto Sales which began life as an abandoned structure that he purchased and renovated. He started off selling “bucket cars,” then “exotic vehicles,” to local athletes. In 1986, the band regrouped and continued recording in the same dilapidated two-story building that Prince owned.

In 1987, Prince and Seattle native Cliff Blodget established the record label Rap-A-Lot Records together. Blogger, an electrical engineer by training and one of the label’s resident producers together with Carl Stephenson studied computer science in university. Prince put all of his remaining money into the record label.

Russell Simmons, who established the record company Def Jam Recordings, was an influential figure for him. He and Blodget relocated the business to New York in 1988. Prince was inspired to bring the entire Geto Boys label back to Houston after Lyor Cohen showed him the checkbooks of Def Jam stars LL Cool J and Whodini.

James Prince’s Personal Life

J. Prince Jr., Jas Prince and Jay “Baby Jay” Prince are three of Prince’s seven children and they all followed in their father’s musical and boxing footsteps. A devout Christian, Prince Sr. In Belize, Prince owns a piece of property just called Prince Island.

He bought his mom home and a 30-acre ranch when he was just 23 years old.

James Prince’s Other Ventures

James Prince's Other Ventures
James Prince’s Other Ventures

In 2006, when a close friend of his lost a shocking amount of weight (from 300 to 75) and his life due to HIV, Prince started the condom company Strapped. He first conceived the business back in 2002. Artists like Lil Wayne have been associated with the company and its Houston branch.

For more than 20 years, Prince has managed a 1200-acre ranch dedicated to the cultivation of black Angus cattle and hay.

In 2020 he introduced a new line of alcoholic beverages called Loyalty.

James Prince’s Legacy

At the VH1 7th annual Hip Hop Honors Awards on June 7, 2010, J Prince was recognized for his artistic and charitable work alongside Master P, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland and Slick Rick.

Rap-A-Lot issued a limited edition DVD box set in 2011 featuring many rappers (including Rick Ross and Young Jeezy) and industry executives (including Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons), all of whom praised Prince.

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