How Much is BTS’ Rapper Suga Net Worth 2022? His Solo Activities and Luxury Lifestyle

Suga Net Worth 2022: Min Yoongi, often known as Suga and Agust D, shot to stardom after making his debut in June 2013 as the lead rapper of the musical group BTS. In the years following his debut with the trio, Suga rose to prominence as a solo artist and industry heavyweight. In addition to his incredible rap and production abilities, he is also noteworthy for the global impact he has had.

Since his introduction to the public, Suga has been quite busy with both BTS and his personal projects. When considering Suga’s nine years in the business, how wealthy is the “Daechwita” rapper now?

Read about Suga net worth 2022 below:

BTS Suga Net Worth 2022

A media publication claims that Suga, as of the current year, is personally worth about $31 million USD. The maximum estimate of his wealth is $33,000,000 USD.

Suga’s wealth isn’t shocking when you consider BTS’s massive global fame over the past several years, which shows no indications of stopping any time soon, as well as the group’s impact and loyal following.

But is the 29-year-old with his 33 million USD in earnings the wealthiest person in the group?

It’s not true; J-Hope is the wealthiest member of BTS right now. Suga, on the other hand, is the second-wealthiest.

Then how did Suga amass such a fortune?


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How did Suga amass such a large Fortune?

Suga amassed a sizable fortune thanks to endorsement deals with BTS. Their earnings from album sales and merchandise are included here.

Given their great fame and brand strength BTS is perhaps one of the most in-demand superstars and as such, they are likely to command one of the highest talent and appearance fees among K-pop groups.

Moreover, BTS gets a lot of money via sponsorship deals, TV appearances and other sources of publicity.

Suga’s annual income is estimated to be approximately $8 million, thanks to BTS’s collective net worth of more than $100 million. His 68,000 HYBE shares earned him an additional USD 16 million, increasing his wealth to USD 24 million. The money Suga makes on the side is not included.

Suga also receives substantial royalties from his song sales. According to the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), he is listed as a writer, composer and producer of a long range of songs, not just for BTS and his own albums, but also for those of other performers.

The Value of Suga Because of Variable Sources of Funding. According to reports estimates the South Korean musician’s wealth at $25 million. There are other sources that put his net worth at between $23 and $25 million.

But despite this, he is still the second wealthiest member of BTS. And even now, he ranks as K-19th pop’s wealthiest celebrity.

Suga’s primary source of wealth comes from his position as a rapper for the Korean pop group BTS, which is signed to the label Big Hit Entertainment (formerly HYBE Labels). He, like the others, owns shares in the corporation and benefited financially from the agency’s IPO.

A Look at the BTS Rapper’s Luxury Lifestyle

According to reports, he bought a house in 2018. Whether or not this is his sole apartment in the Hannam area is unknown but he did purchase one there for $3 million.

The article went on to say that members of the organization are avid consumers of high-end fashion labels. It all adds up to the thousands of dollars it would take for him to buy a toy poodle if Suga were one of them.

The BTS musician doesn’t just use his money to indulge himself; he also gives to charity. He, like the others, typically gives to multiple different organizations.


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Suga: Personal Life

Since 2019 he has been a resident of Hannam-dong, Seoul South Korea where he spent $3 million on an apartment in 2018.

Suga: Other Ventures

Suga promised to feed his followers for free if he became famous as a musician in 2014. He celebrated his 25th birthday by sending beef to 39 orphans in honor of BTS’ “ARMY” supporters. His birthday gift to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation this year was KRW100 million (US$88,000) and 329 BT21 Shooky dolls, both of which he gave in honor of his 26th year on this planet.

Daegu, one of South Korea’s hardest impacted cities during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, is Suga’s hometown, therefore on February 27, he gave 100 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association to aid in relief and preventative efforts there.


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On March 9, 2021/22, he gave a hundred million won to the Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital in Daegu, South Korea, to help young people with cancer who cannot afford treatment.

On his 29th birthday, March 9, 2022, Suga gave a donation of 100,000,000 yen to the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association to aid those affected by the devastating wildfires along the country’s eastern coast.

Suga: Solo Work

Suga Solo Work
Suga Solo Work

On August 15, 2016, Suga gave away a free mixtape with the same name on SoundCloud. It was the “sense of being stuck in some sort of framework,” he said, therefore he decided against releasing the work as a commercial studio album. He revealed his difficulties with depression and social anxiety on the record.

One of the best mixtapes of 2016, according to Fuse TV. After collaborating with artist Suran on a single for his mixtape in 2016, the following year (2017) Suga composed the song “Wine” for Suran. Suran heard a demo version of “Wine” at Suga’s studio and requested the final version.

On December 2nd, 2017, the record won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the Melon Music Awards and peaked at number two on the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea. For his efforts on the field, Suga was also honored with the “Hot Trend Award.” A second digital release of Suga’s mixtape dropped in February 2018.

According to Billboard, the reissue peaked at #3 on the World Albums Chart, #5 on the Heatseekers Albums chart and #74 on the Top Album Sales chart. As a result, Suga’s solo alias Agust D climbed all the way to position #46 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart the week of March 3.

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