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Meet Romantic Killer Voice Actors English: Cast and Character of the Netflix Anime Series

Romantic Killer Voice Actors

Romantic Killer Voice Actors

You will read about Romantic Killer Voice Actors here: The latest obsession of fans is Netflix’s anime, “Romantic Killer”. Well, the satirizing shojo manga tropes are ready to make you feel a series of emotions through comedy and romance. However, the biggest USP of “Romantic Killer” is its characters. The storyline grasps the attention of all but it’s the famous characters that make the fans of “Romantic Killer” indulge in more binge-watching sessions. 

Initially, the story introduces the protagonist Anzu Hoshino who is better known as a gamer girl. She enjoys a pretty comfortable life but suddenly turns upside down when she was surprised by the arrival of the impish wizard, Riri.

Anzu had no choice but to be a part of a real-life dating sim where she has to swap chocolates, games, and even her cat for getting a chance to meet “hot boys in classic shojo situations”. Her main intention is to trick the trickster so that she can go back to her normal life again.

Though “Romantic Killer” is in Japanese like any other anime, it has been dubbed into English to allow the fans to enjoy the show. So, who are the “Romantic Killer” English voice actors, and what are their characters? 

Here are some Romantic Killer Voice Actors:

List of Romantic Killer Voice Actors

Courtney Lin as Riri & Rio Fushigi

Courtney Lin is the “Romantic Killer” English voice actor that came to mind for the role of Riri. The voice actress has been the voice for several anime characters like “Talentless Nana”, “Kingdom”, “Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun” and more. She plays Rio Fushigi as well but her lead role as Riri makes her a significant inclusion in the series.

Riri has a teddy bear-like appearance and you will definitely call him cute and cuddly. The wizard can fit in your pocket but do not underestimate his powers. After making a surprise entry into Anzu’s life, he is only creating romantic scenarios for Anzu and testing her. The entire experience seems to be a nightmare for Anzu, nevertheless, Riri is not going to give up on the matchmaking mission. 

Deneen Melody as Anzu Hoshino

 The Texas-born voice actress is affiliated with top names in the industry like Bang Zoom! Entertainment and FUNimation Entertainment. Her most famous works were “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable”, “Lupin the 3rd: Part VI”, “Sword Art Online: Alicization” and many others to name.

But by being a “Romantic Killer” English voice actor, she made Anzu Hoshino a lovable and relatable character. Fans saw her playing, eating, and having good times with her loveable cat. But when she became a part of the “nightmarish world of endless romance” created by Riri, she had to lose the things she loved. Moreover, there were no instructions to navigate through the game. Thus, the experience wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Jason Griffith as Tsukasa Kazuki

Famously known as J.Griff, DJ Tanner, and Adam Caroleson, Jason has been seen in multiple “Pokémon” episodes. His major came from his contribution to several “Pokémon” shows. Now for Tsukasa Kazuki, Jason’s character can be described as an “ikemen” (good-looking man) who always has ladies’ attention. Tsukasa suddenly bumps into Anzu when they were just outside a normal grocery store. And it was Riri’s magic that grew their love, well, the ways were ridiculous. 

Aleks Le as Junta Hayami

His most famous works are as Zenitsu in the “Demon Slayer” franchise, you may also recognize Aleks from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind ”. Aleks is famous in the world of anime since he is affiliated with Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Studiopolis, FUNimation Entertainment/ Crunchyroll, NYAV Post, VSI Los Angeles, and SDI Media.

Now, Aleks’s character of Junta has been invented by the wizard Riri. He tries to establish himself as a high-school baseball player and is a childhood friend of Anzu. But Anzu has no memory of that and Junta definitely makes Anzu’s dating life complicated.

Ryan Colt Levy as Makoto Oda

 Being good-looking isn’t easy, especially when you are in “Romantic Killer”. Makoto is their best friend of Tsukasa but even he has girls circling him all the time. “Romantic Killer” voice actor Ryan Colt Levy who has previously done works in movies, anime, and more like “My Hero Academia” and “Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series” has just nailed his role.

Jenny Yokobori as Saki Takamine

Anzu believes her best friend to be her cat, but without Momohiki, her life will be blank. Saki is always by her side to comfort and handle Anzu’s antics. She even gossips with her. Jenny who was previously in “One Piece”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and more has brought the true nature of Jenny in front of the audience.

Kellen Goff as Hijiri Koganei

Though he arrived much later in the anime, this wealthy character is here to “complete the trio of possible suitors”. He makes the show extremely hilarious and Kellen who got his fame from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “My Hero Academia” and “Attack on Titan” was perfect for this role of “Romantic Killer” English voice actor.

These are some of the most important “Romantic Killer” English voice actors that give the characters genuine personalities. So, watch the anime and get more into the lives of the Romantic Killer voice actors.

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