Rehab Addict’s Star Nicole Curtis Net Worth: How Rich is She?

Here you will read about Nicole Curtis net worth and other related information. Aside from her role as a star of “Rehab Addict,” she is also a qualified real estate agent. She identifies houses that are about to be demolished and fixes them up to sell before they are destroyed on the show.

Nichole’s birth year is regarded as 1976 and she was born in Michigan. She lives with her parents and her brother, Curtis, in Orion, where she has spent most of her life. She always had a passion for the spotlight. She put her studies and her hobby of acting on hold while her parents ran their garbage business.

Nicole Curtis’s Bio

Nicole Curtis’s birth date is August 20th, 1976 and she was born Nicole Lynn Curtis in Lake Orion, Michigan. Her brother, the actor Ryan, is the only child of Joan and Rod, who ran a garbage company in Detroit. Nicole’s love for traditional American homes began during family weekend vacations to Detroit suburbs like Flint and Saginaw when she was a kid.

Curtis attended Lake Orion High School and eventually graduated in 1994. She went to universities in Michigan, Florida and Georgia and although she intended to pursue law, she ended up focusing on her education instead. Nicole established her own cleaning business while still a student and worked at IHOP and Hooters. You can also read about Nicole Curtis net worth below.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth

Nicole Curtis has a net worth of $8 million and is a certified realtor, interior designer and reality TV star. In the DIY Network/HGTV reality series “Rehab Addict” (2010-2018), Curtis starred as the host, co-executive produced the show and consulted on it. The show followed her as she renovated vintage homes in Detroit and Minneapolis.

Her forte is identifying homes that were once the envy of the neighborhood and bringing them back to their former glory on a budget by shopping at thrift stores, flea markets and used furniture and decor shops. Nicole is very passionate about preventing the destruction of historic homes.

Nicole Curtis is not only a certified realtor with Keller Williams and the owner of her own design firm, Nicole Curtis Design, but she also penned the “New York Times” best-seller “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes” in 2016. She started anchoring a “Rehab Addict” spin-off called “Rehab Addict Rescue” in 2021.

Nicole Curtis’s Career

Nicole started saving historic homes that were scheduled for demolition in the late ’90s. She has extended from her original holdings of properties in Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta and Los Angeles. After Curtis started working as a realtor, the “Rehab Addict” production company approached her about recording portions pertaining to her new profession. She spoke with the producers and ultimately managed to convince them to grant her a program.

The first episode of “Rehab Addict” aired on the DIY Network on October 14, 2010, although the show was then relocated to HGTV for its fourth season. In 2018, after eight seasons and 113 episodes, Nicole chose to leave the show.

She released Nicole Curtis Home, a line of home improvement tools like paint sprayers, stud finders and repositionable wallpaper, in 2015. For HGTV, Nicole hosted the renovation competition series Beach Flip in 2015 and in 2014, she was a guest on DIY Network’s “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall,” which Hall hosted with musician Daryl Hall.

Nicole Curtis’s Personal Life

Nicole Curtis Personal Life
Nicole Curtis Personal Life

Nicole’s first child, a son named Ethan, was born in 1996. Supposedly, Steve Cimini, Ethan’s dad, was incarcerated at the time of his son’s birth due to his conviction for DUI manslaughter. Cimini and Curtis separated in 1998 after attempting to raise Ethan together following Cimini’s release from jail.

The custody fight between Nicole and Steve lasted for 15 years. Cimini ultimately relocated to California and Nicole’s mother took over primary responsibility for Ethan’s upbringing. After a dispute with Nicole in 2015, Ethan vanished for a week.

Ethan refused to return home until Curtis agreed to let him live with Nicole’s mom after she found out that Ethan had been in California with Cimini. Curtis allowed Ethan to stay with his grandmother, but the teen uprooted during his senior year of high school to join Cimini in California.

Nicole Curtis’s Education

Nichole graduated in 1994 from Lake Orion High School. Soon after high school, she enrolled at a university in Georgia, Florida. She also studied interior design to better position herself for success in the real estate and renovation sectors. She learned the ins and outs of the real estate and renovation industry mostly on her own.

Is Nicole Curtis Wealthy?

There is an estimated $8 million dollars in Nicole Curtis’s wealth. She has already found professional success as a real estate agent and she may find even more financial success in the years to come.

Nicole Curtis’s Productivity Habits

Nicole has an abundance of imagination and ingenuity. In both her personal and professional life, she makes it a point to constantly be on the go. She can stay on her toes and get the most out of her time because she loves finding ways to save money.

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