The Funniest Tweets From Elon Musk Last 10 days (Oct. 25-Nov. 6)

After his $44 billion buyout bid was approved by the company’s board today, Musk, a billionaire who works sporadically in the automotive and space industries but primarily in memes, is in a position to become the new owner of Twitter.

Twitter is a well-known social media platform that only a small number of people use, but it somehow can upset the entire world’s sociopolitical order (along with its buddies over at Facebook, of course).

Musk has been attempting to take over Twitter for the past three weeks. Musk is a well-known user of the service who enjoys tweeting jokes that have previously been tweeted by millions of middle school students while simultaneously whining about “wokeness.”

Many are concerned about what Musk, who claims he is buying Twitter to protect free speech, will do to stop the spread of misinformation and propaganda on the social media platform given how lax Twitter has been about monitoring hate speech, political extremism, and outright lies about our government (including, of course, the 2020 election).

Will Georgia’s own deranged congressional embarrassment Marjorie Taylor Greene be permitted to tweet her blatant lies and nonsense once more? Greene was pleading with Trump’s team to enforce “Marshall law” to annul the election as late as January 17, 2021.

Will Trump, who was ultimately banned from Twitter after leaving the White House and following numerous infractions of the social media platform’s rules of service, go back to the app where he once yelled like a child numerous times every day? (While Trump has already stated he won’t use Twitter again, even if Musk begs him to, it’s just a matter of time before he removes his own social media program, Truth Social, and declares it never existed.)

Does it even matter if these two or other far-right extremists who have been blocked by Twitter start using the program once more when many accounts and bots continue to disseminate the same garbage they would publish on Twitter? Actually, no.

_Musk tweets jokes that millions have already tweeted. The Funniest Tweets From Elon Musk Last 10 day (Oct. 25-Nov. 6)
_Musk tweets joke that millions have already tweeted. The Funniest Tweets From Elon Musk Last 10 days (Oct. 25-Nov. 6)

Some people are jubilant about Musk possibly owning Twitter. Others are lamenting the loss of an app that they have conflicting emotions about. This app allowed them to create and connect with communities of like-minded individuals, fostering long-lasting relationships in both personal and professional life.

However, it has also been rife with hatred and harassment, a major contributor to the extreme political division we currently witness, and it is also really bad for mental health. Given how many jobs, friendships, and romantic relationships have been started on Twitter and how inept its administrators are, you have to give them credit for the platform’s negative reputation.

Twitter has also been essential for humor, both for those who create comedy and for those who just want to laugh. Lord knows how popular this comic section has been; we don’t run ’em very often these days, but there have been months when hurriedly assembled twitter galleries accounted for the majority of our traffic.

(Well, along with our hurriedly put-together lists of comedy streaming services.)

About 75% of the tweets I’ve seen today have been about the news that Twitter has given in to Elon Musk’s takeover attempts. These tweets have ranged from sober analyses of why this is worrying to announcements that users will be leaving the platform to (most importantly) really funny jokes about how stupid and messed up the whole situation is.

Let’s have a look at the funniest tweets, which have been compiled here for your convenience. Who knows, given that the notoriously prickly Musk is in charge, this might be the final opportunity you have to mock him on Twitter, regardless of what he may say about “free speech.”

Elon Musk Tweets From Last 10 Days Making Internet Crazy



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Musk, a millionaire who works intermittently in the automotive and space industries but largely in memes, is in line to become the new owner of Twitter after his $44 billion acquisition bid was accepted by the company’s board today.

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