Persona 5 Characters : Know the Ranks of Every Playable Character

Persona 5 Characters: “Persona 5 and Pers” has earned the title of one of the best games currently present in the gaming world. It actually covers the journey of exploring the complex relationships among all the Phantom Thieves. Even the Persona 5 characters are so amazing.


As they get over the traumas that have scared them in the past, the thieves slowly show their true personalities. However, without the “Persona 5” characters, the game wouldn’t have been successful. So, there are certain spoilers about “Persona 5” characters and if you are ready to learn more about it, continue reading.

Persona 5 Characters: Ren Amamiya

  •              Code Name: Joker
  •               Age: 16 / 17 
  •               Date of Birth: Late 1999 / Early 2000 
  •               Height: 5’9″ 
  •               Personas: Arsene, Satanael & Raoul

The main protagonist of the game isn’t that interesting since he is quite the silent protagonist. Having expert skills to use knives and pistols, he plays a major role because Joker binds all the Phantom Thieves.

Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya

This “Persona 5” character is perfect for immersion, however, there isn’t much character development.

Persona 5 Characters: Goro Akechi 

  •               Code Name: Crow 
  •               Age: 17 / 18 
  •               Date of Birth: 06/02/98 
  •               Height: 5’10” 
  •               Personas: Robin Hood, Loki & Hereward

 With his logical thoughts, the Phantom Thieves can identify their mistakes. Though this trait makes the “Persona 5” character pretty unlikable, the players are benefitted from him. He acts in new confidant encounters giving helpful insights. Moreover, he is fun to use and has incredible weapons like ray guns, serrated swords, and laser sabers.

Haru Okumura

  •               Code Name: Noir 
  •               Age: 17 / 18 
  •               Date of Birth: 12/05/98 
  •               Height: 5’2″ 
  •               Personas: Milady, Astarte & Lucy

This “Persona 5” character cannot choose the perfect timing for introducing her and that is the biggest disadvantage. She also got introduced as one of the major key players in late September. So, it was already pretty late and gamers didn’t get the right impression of her. The shortcomings aren’t helping even after having a massive stockpile of weapons.


  •               Code Name: Mona 
  •               Age: Unknown 
  •               Date of Birth: Unknown 
  •               Height: 1’8″ (2’0″ when standing) 
  •               Personas: Zorro, Mercurius & Diego

When Ren has no one to interact with, Morgana fills in the gap. He is helpful most of the time but also annoying because of the list of strict “do and don’t” rules imposed on Ren. The “Persona 5” character has a watchful eye that is definitely beneficial. Moreover, his curved swords, slingshots, and comic relief are all we need during an intense fight. 

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Ann Takamaki

  •               Code Name: Panther 
  •               Age: 16 / 17 
  •               Date of Birth: 11/12/99 
  •               Height: 5’5″ 
  •               Personas: Carmen, Hecate & Celestine

She may appear to be a stereotypical model/idol, but she has a dark side. There is a lot of character development with this “Persona 5” character as she will regain her confidence in the process. With whips and submachine guns, she is one of the best playable characters with whom you can create memories.

Ryuji Sakamoto

  •               Code Name: Skull
  •               Age: 16 / 17 
  •               Date of Birth: 07/03/99 
  •               Height: 5’7″ 
  •               Personas: Captain Kidd, Seiten Taisei & William 

Being young, comradely and dumb isn’t bad. The team of Ann and Ryuji makes the dream team packed with fun. Ryuji isn’t just a slapstick for comedy, he has a beautiful h    eart and of course, a wide selection of blunt objects and shotguns. The fight can remind anyone of hell.

Persona 5 Characters: Sumire Yoshizawa

  •               Code Name: Violet 
  •               Age: 15 
  •               Date of Birth: 03/25/01 
  •               Height: 5’4″ 
  •               Personas: Cendrillon, Vanadis & Ella

One of the newest and central “Persona 5” characters, being the best gymnast comes with its own advantages like befriending upperclassman Ren.

Sumire Yoshizawa
Sumire Yoshizawa

A lot is not known about her but one thing is for sure, something cool is about to happen that will help Sumire evolve as a unique character. 

Persona 5 Characters: Futaba Sakura 

  •               Code Name: Oracle 
  •               Age: 15 / 16 
  •               Date of Birth: 02/19/00 
  •               Height: 5’0″ 
  •               Personas: Necronomicon, Prometheus & Al Azif

The most relatable “Persona 5” character who evolves from a shut-in teenage girl to someone adventurous, she bonds with Sojiro in no time. This character feels realistic and her hilarious interactions add to her charisma. 

Yusuke Kitagawa 

  •               Code Name: Fox 
  •               Age: 16 / 17 
  •               Date of Birth: 01/28/00 
  •               Height: 5’11” 
  •               Personas: Goemon, Kamu Susano-o & Gorokichi

Quite like Futaba since both are dissociated from some important aspects of their life, Yusuke can be described as a strong and silent “Persona 5” character. He is trying to make friends for the first time and his alter-ego Fox is “backed by the legendary Goeman”. He has slick katana, Japanese swords, and assault rifles as well. 

Persona 5 Characters: Makoto Niijima

  •               Code Name: Queen
  •               Age: 17 / 18 
  •               Date of Birth: 04/23/98 
  •               Height: 5’5″ 
  •               Personas: Johanna, Anat & Agnes

Undoubtedly the best confidant, her story makes this “Persona 5” character the top pick. Just like the perfect high-school student, she is ready to break the norms of society.

Makoto Niijima
Makoto Niijima

With revolvers and tekko she is a great fighter, but her character makes her an impeccable lover.

“Persona 5” Royal has already been released and the game mainly simulates real-life experiences. It focuses on the fact that how much time is needed to bond with people. So, are you ready to explore more?