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Attack on Titan Voice Actors: The Japanese Cast of the Famous Anime

Attack on Titan Voice Actors

Attack on Titan Voice Actors

You will read about Attack on Titan voice actors below: As soon as “Attack on Titan” was released there was a storm in the anime world. This anime adaptation of the original manga series of the same name, “Attack on Titan” was created by Hajime Isayama. Wit Studio and Production I.G. came together to produce this incredible anime and it has been directed by Tetsuro Araki.

“Attack on Titan” was released in the US on May 3, 2014, but it was released almost a year back in Japan. It deals with a world where humans are at risk and humanity is threatened by Titans or humanoid giants. In the anime, the civilization resides entirely in a three-walled society but eventually, the peace gets disrupted as Titans take on the humans.

One of the humans, a young boy’s mother, was attacked and destroyed by the Titans and that sets the young boy on a quest to avenge his mother’s death. The hometown where they lived was also destroyed.

Yasuko Kobaya is the writer of the series and the background score has been composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. The series is an adaptation of the manga “Attack on Titan” and when it comes to the “Attack on Titan” voice actors, we have some incredible talents who are seasoned Japanese voice actors taking on the responsibility. 

Here is the List of Attack on Titan Voice Actors

Here is the List of Attack on Titan Voice Actors

Yuki Kaji as Eren Jaeger

The most prominent of all the “Attack on Titan ” voice actors, Yuki Kaji has been in the work of voice acting since 2004. He has been a part of multiple exciting projects over his career. Eren Jaegar is the main protagonist and the lead “Attack on Titan ” voice actor.

The actor is the one who has the ability to transform into the Attack Titan although he is impulsive and sometimes fails to match up his strength. The biggest positive trait of Eren is his braveness and vigor. Yuki Kaji who is voicing the role of Eren Jaeger has done notable roles in popular series and anime like “Demon Slayer”, “Black Butler”, “One Punch Man” and “Fairy Tail”. 

Yushi Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackermann

 The voice of Mikasa Ackerman and another prominent “Attack on Titan” voice actor, Yushi Ishikawa is Japanese and has worked on numerous notable anime projects before. Mikasa is a popular character in the show and one of the strongest of the 104th Training Corps. She later becomes a part of the Survey Corps.

Through the story, we learn how she defeats her lack of courage to kill and becomes one of the strongest fighters against the Titans. Mikasa is Eren’s adopted sister and is one of the main characters among the Attack on Titan voice actors. Yushi Ishikawa, the voice of Mikasa has worked on popular projects including “Gundam Build Fighters”, “Bonjour Sweet love Patisserie” and “Nier: Automata”.

Marina Inoue as Armin Arlelt

 Marina Inoue is not only the voice of Armin Arlelt but is also the narrator of the anime series. In addition to being a popular voice artist and earning a part in the “Attack on Titan” voice actors, she is also a singer affiliated with Sigma Seven.

In the series, Armin is the best friend of Mikasa and Erin and joins the Survey Corps with both. Though his strength is the biggest power, he is quite good with meticulous plans and strategies which has helped save the lives of corps members, multiple times. As a child, Armin was protected by Eren and Mikasa and he grows up to be an influential character in the anime. You can  also read about Attack on Titan Season 4.

Hiroshi Kamiya As Levi Ackermann

The singer and narrator Hiroshi have aced the character of Levi Ackerman. He is known to be the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad. Levi is deemed to be the strongest soldier and Hiroshi has never given anyone a reason to regret. The experienced “Attack on Titan” voice actor has done celebrated works like “One Piece”, “Osmatsu-san” and many more to name.

Daisuke Ono as Erwin Smith

Ono is another vital inclusion in “Attack on Titan” voice actors. The Japanese voice actor as well as a singer has even been awarded for Best Lead Actor award in the 4th annual Seiyuu. The 13th commander of the Survey Corps is smart, respected and has a charisma of his own. Apart from that, Daisuke was in “Black Butler”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Bleach” and more.

While these are some of the lead Attack on Titan voice actors, there are many more in the cast. As other members of the Attack on Titan voice actors, we see Kishou Taniyama playing Jean Kirstein, Daisuke Ono playing Erwin Smith, Yoshimasa Hosoya and many more. The incredible list of Attack on Titan voice actors has helped the show with its popularity and has made it one of the finest anime to enjoy.

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