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Deadwind Season 3 Final Episode Details (Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead)

Deadwind Season 3

Deadwind Season 3

Deadwind Season 3: criminal thriller series Deadwind (Season 3) follows Karppi and Nurmi as they track down a vicious killer who places a mysterious symbol at the scene of his murders. The complete season is available on Netflix right now.

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

Deadwind Season 3 Cast

The entire cast from the previous season will be back for the next season. The cast list is as follows:

Plot Summary of Deadwind Season 3

After a year out for covering up her daughter’s drug smuggling, Sofia Karppi is back at work as a homicide detective for the Helsinki Police Department. Karppi and her ex-partner Nurmi are given a fresh case by their boss Silja Rautamaa, in which a woman was found brutally murdered in a cage at a defunct animal hospital.

The victim’s wrists and legs were bound with wire, and her back was cut off. Karppi finds a mysterious symbol on the victim’s body as she analyzes photographs of the scene of the crime. According to information provided by Rautamaa, the deceased has been identified as 51-year-old Tuuli Siren, an employee of the pharmaceutical firm Memfi.

She has a son, Ossi Siren, who is 28 years old, and she is divorced. Peltola, a second homicide detective, finds out that Sanna Siren, the victim’s younger sister, also works for the pharmaceutical business.

When Karppi and Nurmi visit her, she tells them that she and Tuuli are developing a new drug to help people withdraw from opioids called Relaxin. Sanna is supervising the chemistry lab testing. Meanwhile, Ossi, Tuuli’s drug-addicted son, starts opening fire on strangers. The cops decide to intercept him while he is on his boat because he is the prime suspect.

As soon as they get there, he begins firing and running. Another body bearing the same symbol has been discovered close by, and Rautamaa has called Karppi to let her know. The second was Rehaxin project consultant Olavi Schultz.

Near the scene of the last murder, police examine surveillance footage and learn that one of the pharmaceutical company’s vans was taken. Karppi gets a mysterious phone call about her late spouse Jussi, indicating that his death was no accident. Karppi is resolute in her quest to discover his killer.

Informing Karppi and Nurmi of the discovery of human remains in a sewer, Rautamaa gives Karppi the task of determining what happened to them. Karppi finds at least four skulls and evidence that whoever did this attempted to chemically dispose of the dead in the sewer.

After being found unconscious in the street, Nurmi’s ex-girlfriend Laura is taken to the hospital, where he learns that she is temporarily forgetful due to her ordeal. The next day, while Laura is in the hospital, she is attacked. Laura admits she knew the murderer when Karppi and Nurmi arrive to investigate.

He walked up to her on the sidewalk and told her about a new drug that wouldn’t make her feel sick to her stomach or depressed. She decided to join the study group for free because he offered her a space and she wanted to overcome her drug addiction.

Karppi discovers that Tuuli’s coworker, Krister Merihaara, is responsible for the attack on Laura, and he issues a directive to all units to keep a watch out for him. In an alley with an identical symbol on the wall, they find Krister’s burned-out automobile and his body hanging upside down.

Four drug addicts who took part in a failed test of withdrawal medication were found dead in a sewer. The fifth person, Laura Salo, escaped. The detectives also learn that Krister arranged these tests, however, it is unclear whether he acted alone or in collaboration with others.

Karppi And Nurmi Investigate Further After Discovering Ossi’s body

Karppi and Nurmi investigate further after discovering Ossi’s body in his boat. A search of his boat’s hard drive reveals numerous images of a young woman wearing a necklace with the same symbol as the one discovered near the bodies.

They figure out that the young woman in the picture is Nea Paarma, who took her own life in 2019 by overdosing on heroin. A connection between Tuuli Siren and Nea Paarma is discovered by Karppi and Nurmi.

Tuuli had Nea as a patient, and Nea was suffering from depression; nevertheless, Tuuli did not manage her condition adequately. In the middle of this chaos, with the aid of her coworker, Karppi discovers dash cam evidence showing a woman with a birthmark behind her neck standing beside the road when her husband was hit.

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Deadwind Season 3 Ending Explained in Detail: Who killed Nea and Krister?

Peltola tells Karppi and Nurmi that whoever killed Krister was left-handed, just like Sanna Siren. When they searched Sanna’s house, they found a secret laboratory where she had been making the medicines.

She traps them in the lab and escapes before they can catch her. Sadly, Sanna is murdered by the symbol killer before Karppi and Nurmi can rescue her. Sanna and Krister killed Nea, the police conclude, because she discovered their plot to develop a poison that would silently eliminate drug addicts.

They injected her with a lethal quantity of cocaine and posed as her suicide. They murdered addicts who may have used aid in order to prove that the poison was effective.

Krister hoped to earn quick money off the poison, but when he made a mistake and Laura got away, Sanna saw that he was on to him and set out to get him. She murdered him, then pretended to be the same symbol as she stood over his body.

Do Karppi and Nurmi Catch the Symbol Killer?

Karppi and Nurmi think that Nea’s uncle, Jouni Parma, may have staged his own death in an accident and is still alive and out for vengeance. After her death, Nea was dating Nurmi, he admits. She took his cocaine and Sanna killed her with it. Karppi believes Nurmi is the target of the symbol killer.

To learn more about Jouni Parmaa’s past, they go to the deserted monastery where he had lived for the previous six months. When Jouni Parmaa fights Karppi and runs away, they believe he is the symbol killer.

Jouni Parmaa abducts Karppi’s grandson Emil later that night from where he is staying with his father. If Karppi doesn’t murder Nurmi as he’s instructed, he’ll kill her son. In order to prevent Nurmi from harming Karppi and her son, the detectives fake his death.

Deadwind Season 3: Who killed Jussi?

Karppi finds out that her husband, Jussi, has an affair after she reads his text messages. When she gets back to the main office, she confronts Peltola, a coworker, about the birthmark on her neck.

According to Peltola, she had an affair with Karppi’s husband Jussi, and fought with him when he didn’t want to be with her. Thus, after an argument one night, she pushed him onto the road, where he was struck by a car.

Final Lines

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