Where is The White Lotus Season 2 Location in Italy?

Do you know the White Lotus Season 2 location? If not read out this post to know all details. HBO’s series “The White Lotus” get positive reviews and the audience now waited ahead for the next. Although its next season is announced when and where you can watch it? Where it would filming. In the first part, you can see many expensive resorts as were the venue of the film. Same in the second installment. This seven-episode installment is filmed with the previous cast and some newcomers.

As Jenner Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, John Gries’ Greg, and Leo Woodall’s Jack is reprising their role, and Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, with other new cast member includes. Although The White Lotus’s first season was filmed in Hawaii this time location changed.

The White Lotus Season 2 Location:

The Emmy Award-winning series, location is shifted from Hawaiian to a very lucrative resort in Sicily, Italy. It is changed because the filmmaker wants a classic them. It seems that this series gives us a feeling that where we can spend rich vacations.

The White Lotus Season 2 Location
“if you want to go to Europe, this is the view you want to see.”

For your information, the new et is 8,000 miles distance from the last set. Because in the final episode death of Armond, a hotel manager, made it right to change the location.

Why has The White House Location Changed?

Mike Lotus, the creator of the series, is fond of traveling and seeing nature closely. He stated during an interview, “villas on terraced hills, Mount Etna, and the Ionian Sea,” stating that “if you want to go to Europe, this is the view you want to see.” 

White, who appeared in The Amazing Race and Survivor, take the shooting as a vacation. Maybe it is difficult to shoot with a new cast and a new set. But with supportive team members, everything could be completely successful.

The White Lotus season 2 gets huge popularity only because of its location. White told in an interview, “I feel like I’ve cracked the code, and I really don’t want to f– it up.”

Exactly, Where in Sicily, the Set is Situated?

HBO’s all series have a cool location and to fulfill this will, The White Lotus select Sicily to be filmed. Taormina, a town in Sicily, Italy, is the exact point where the location is situated. This place is not affected by too rich and too many poor people. 

Noto, Palermo and the Lonian Sea are some famous places in Sicily. The White Lotus also used a hotel, named the Four Seasons’ San Domenico Palace. Sonia Bonamassa,  public relations coordinator in the hotel stated that “the producers [of The White Lotus] visited about 70 hotels” before claiming that the hotel for them was “love at first site.”

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