What is the Cause of Lee Jihan’s Death? What Happened to Him?

K-Pop acts have rapidly gained international superstar status over the past few years with some of the most devoted fanbases of any genre of music. Fans are naturally constantly looking for the next big thing and in 2017 they found it in Lee Jihan a contestant on the hit Korean boy band reality show Produce 101.

Lee’s fame expanded substantially over the years as a result of his TV and music career. The terrible death of the 24-year-old performer occurred on October 29, 2022, but the exact circumstances of his passing remain unknown. Thus, let’s break down everything we know so far.

About Lee Jihan

Lee Jihan (born August 3, 1998, and passing on October 29, 2022) was a well-known South Korean actor, k-pop singer, performer, social media influencer, media face and entrepreneur. This phenomenal performer first gained widespread attention as a result of their appearance in the second season of Produce 101. According to reports during his training he acted as a representative for Pan Entertainment.

In addition, he had formal training as a k-pop singer and an actor. He joined WIDMAY Entertainment and signed a contract. This isn’t all, though; in the spring of 2019, he made his acting debut in the web drama The Butterfly Dream. Lee, it seems, was also a talented actor, according to the reports. On October 29, 2022, at 24, this brilliant artist passed away. If you want to learn more about Lee Jihan, keep reading!

Cause of Lee Jihan’s Death

935 Entertainment and Lee’s management company 9Ato Entertainment published a joint statement on their client’s death in the recent Itaewon crowd crush incident.

Reports say that 154 people were killed in a mob surge in Seoul, South Korea on October 29, 2022. As of this writing, the underlying cause of the sudden influx of people remains unknown.

Lee, who turned 21 on August 3 made his debut in the public eye after appearing in the 2017 season of the popular boy band competition, Produce 101. Lee became a household name because of his performances on the show, which included a version of “Overdose” by EXO and a collective rendition of “Be Mine” by INFINITE. He was eliminated from Produce 101 in the fifth episode of Season 2, but it didn’t deter him from pursuing stardom.

As a result of his time in Produce 101, Lee is now pursuing a career in acting. To this end, his most notable role was as Namhyun in the Korean drama Today Was Another Namhyun Day.

At this time our hearts go out to Lee’s loved ones and fans around the world.

Lee Jihan’s Career

Lee Jihan Career
Lee Jihan Career

There was talk that Lee Jihan was a great k-pop singer and actor. Very early on in life, he began his pursuit of vocal perfection. Alongside this, Lee has appeared in a wide variety of advertisements and stage productions. To begin his acting career, he debuted in 2019’s The Butterfly Dream. The fact that he appeared on the show Produces 101 also contributed to his meteoric rise to stardom.

According to reports, he was a competitor on the second season of Produce 101 which finished in 98th place after Episode 5. Together, they formed WIDMAY Entertainment, with whom he collaborated. Throughout his successful career, Jihan amassed a sizeable fortune. His fortune is pegged at approximately $500,000 (approx.).

What Happened to Lee Jihan?

According to his agency Lee Jihan, a Korean actor and singer were killed in the horrible Halloween crowd surge that occurred over the weekend in Seoul. At that time he was 24 years old. In a statement posted online on Sunday, the actor’s management company 935 Entertainment announced his death.

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