Was Lauren Boebert on the Ricki Lake Show?

My best friend appeared on the July 23, 2001, episode of Ricki Lake titled “I was a pregnant teen and my 14-year-old wants the same…Ricki, please break the cycle.” For me, it would be the greatest honor in the world. Are there any hints as to where I might look for it?

Exactly what will be included in my next @laurenboebert documentary over at http://TheLaurenBoebert.com? During the 2001 episode of The Ricki Lake Show, she made a cameo.

Lauren Boebert Claims About Voting of Members That they should Read it First

Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) has problems with reading, spelling and comprehending why her spouse shouldn’t expose himself to minors.

She recently claimed in a video that “Members should have five days to read and consider measures before voting on them.” It’s a pain to have to put in a full workweek’s worth of time (five days) only to finish the one thing that’s genuinely required of you.

Boebert must think reading legislation that would affect the people in her area is just some tiresome activity that takes her away from time spent with the family weapons and tweeting about how youngsters are “being groomed” when they witness a drag show.

But I can tell with certainty that it is her responsibility to read bills and cast votes on them. Actually, she is being paid by the state of Colorado to perform that very function. There’s more to being a congressman than just serving her constituents, of course, but that doesn’t mean she should have to set out a full five days just to do that.

If a doctor informed me that fixing my shattered shoulder would take five days, I’d go for a second opinion. If a restaurant informed me that my order would take five days to make, I’d find somewhere else to eat.

She would find someone else to do it if I told her I needed five days to write 400 words on Boebert’s stupidity. Lauren submitted more than 700 words (Ed. note). The voters of Colorado’s third congressional district might want to select someone who doesn’t take five days to examine a packet of documents. Clearly, Boebert needs a little time off.

Democrats’ anger over Boebert’s efforts to require a five-day waiting time before lawmakers vote on a bill to read it “tells you everything you need to know about how they think government should work,” the congresswoman tweeted after being mocked for taking so long to read a bill. Educate yourself about the bill’s contents before voting on it. To put it bluntly, it’s easy.

Unfortunately, Boebert and I share more than just a name. Lauren, no one is “outraged,” we are amused. This is coming from a fellow Sagittarius. We find your comment humorous precisely because of its idiocy.

Boebert’s form of Republicanism in particular, is known for its hypocrisy. Boebert made fun of Vice President Kamala Harris for explaining herself to a room of disability organisation leaders so they could comprehend what she looks like just 24 hours before he proposed that senators need more time to read bills so they completely “get” them.

Kamala Harris… made it clear that she was a woman, and that she was the one in the blue suit at the table. What happens when your wordsmith leaves and you spend too much time with Geriatric Joe, Boebert tweeted.

If Boebert had bothered to look around and find out who Harris was speaking to, she would have found out that everyone in the room was blind or visually handicapped; granted, it probably would have taken her five days to get to that conclusion.

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