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How Many Years Does it take to Become a Lawyer in Brazil and Which Topics Should we Cover?

How Many Years does it take to Become a Lawyer in Brazil

How Many Years does it take to Become a Lawyer in Brazil

Although lawyers are highly sought after in Brazil entering the field can be difficult. What this essay does is lay out the steps one must take to qualify for the Brazilian Bar.

The Legal System in Brazil is a Hybrid

Brazilian Law is rooted in Portuguese Law because of the country’s colonial past with Portugal. The establishment of Brazil’s own legal system was delayed until after the country achieved independence in 1822.

It was necessary to establish independently functioning legal institutions and to initiate the recruitment and education of legal experts. In 1827 the cities of So Paulo and Olinda opened the country’s first law schools (in the State of Recife).

Although the Brazilian legal system has deep Portuguese roots it has also incorporated various foreign legal traditions. For instance, the origins of civil law may be traced back to France; the Brazilian Civil Code was heavily influenced by the Napoleonic Code throughout the nineteenth century, before incorporating German ideas during the twentieth.

The modern Civil Code of the country is modeled after the Civil Code of Italy. The hybrid nature of the Brazilian legal system is exemplified by the fact that the Brazilian Civil Code incorporates several foreign legal traditions.

The Steps to Taking the Bar Exam in Your Country

The Steps to Taking the Bar Exam in Your Country

Problems with Your Vestibule and College

Universities in Brazil would only admit students who had scored well on a test called the Vestibular. Students graduating from high school are required to take and pass this test before they may attend a four-year university.

Universities are responsible for administering vestibular exams, but since 2009 they have also had the option of combining them with the ENEM a government-sponsored and -organized national test in Brazil (High School National Exam).

The student’s enrollment in college is complete once that procedure is finished. Most law schools, both public and private can be completed in five years or less if they are approved by the National Commission of Legal Education of the OAB Federal Council and adhere to the rules set forth by the Federal Ministry of Education (MEC).

How Many Years does it take to Become a Lawyer in Brazil?

A Bachelor of Law from a recognized university is required for legal practice in Brazil. A degree in the law requires a five-year commitment.

Topics That Must Be Covered

While the academic structure and curriculum of each university are left largely up to the individual institutions themselves, the National Council on Education (CNE) has mandated that students take a certain number of required courses. They are sorted along three dimensions:

Law, politics, economics, philosophy and sociology are all examples of disciplines that fall under the purview of the Basic Education Axis.

In the courses listed under “Professional Education,” students are asked to focus primarily on the acquisition of legal jargon. Professional Education covers a wide range of legal topics, including constitutional law, administrative law, international law and others.

One of the most crucial axes, the practical education axis applies what students have learned in the first two axes to the real world of legal work. Moreover, this axis calls for 300 hours of required occupational training and 250 hours of supplementary activities.

The Importance of an Internship

To supplement the practical education they get in law school, students should gain experience in the field through an internship. It is highly encouraged that students intern at law firms, companies or any other entity that offers practical activities linked to the legal profession.

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