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Does Aaron Rodger Become Highest Paid Host of Jeopardy?


Jeopardy! A very famous game show is streaming with a tentative host after the passing away of Its permanent host Alex Trebek. They try with several other hosts but none is as effective as Alex. Finally, they get a permanent hot as Aaron Rodgers who is hosting the show for the last two weeks.

This NFL player playing for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers prepared himself for the popular show. He stated somewhere, “There was conversation – there might have been some people who wanted me to shave to the skin.”

Aaron also declared if he is selected as the permanent host then, he removed his facial hair and make more fun with Jeopardy! “If that was a prereq to get the full-time gig, no problem at all.”  “I would love to be the host of Jeopardy!, yes,” he said. 

Aaron charged a big amount for hosting the show approximately $117,725 for two weeks. An interesting fact is that MVP and NVCF decide to donate their first match fund for Rodger’s COVID-19 fund. And Rodgers said for this contribution, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” with a lovely smile.

“I would love to be the host of Jeopardy!, yes,” he said.

Aaron Rodgers’ Salary

Aaron is a football player from Green Bay Packers and he left the team because of some issue. But we have an idea about his estimated salary in the game is $ 33,500,000 per annum. His bonus and guarantee are not included in it. His signing amount is $ 57,500,000 and the guaranteed amount is $ 98,700,000.

Former Host of Jeopardy Lt. Alex Trebek Salary

The popular host of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek is also known as the second highest-paid host of any game show. His approximate salary is $ 10 million, at the first position is Pat Sajak, host of “Wheel of Fortune” whose salary is $12 million. Alex’s per-episode salary is $43,000 and in a year he did 230 shows.

How Aaron Rodgers Fand Reacted at His Jeopardy! Hosting

Fans like his will of hosting Jeopardy! Aaron is very excited about these two weeks. On the other side, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s hosting was not liked much, as it get negative reviews. Aaron fans show their excitement by tweeting  as below:

“Take two of my favorite things and put them together; Aaron Rodgers and Jeopardy,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, Aaron Rodgers hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ is my Super Bowl.”

While another tweeted, “I haven’t watched ‘Jeopardy!’ in 15+ years, but I’m so happy and excited for Aaron Rodgers to host!”

They added, “I think he’ll be awesome. He studied and prepped for it like it was his job.”

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