Zorua is Added to Pokemon GO Once More After a Brutal First Attempt

Part 2 of the Pokemon GO Halloween Event brings back everyone’s favorite Tricky Fox Pokemon Zorua. To recap, this is because the initial attempt at a surprise release of the new Dark-type Pokemon Zorua was canceled due to serious issues with the Pokemon.

Niantic unexpectedly released Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokemon and its evolution Zoroark during the Shuppet Spotlight hour of Pokemon GO’s Part 1 of the Halloween event. The launch itself was a success, but it was poorly executed.

Niantic’s goal with Zorua was to have it function similarly to the trainer’s companion Pokemon. Zorua may look like another Pokemon, but when captured, it keeps the stats and abilities of its inspiration. Niantic has addressed the problem with the latest version of Zorua.

This year, Zorua will appear in the wild during the second phase of the Pokemon GO Halloween event. Once a player has their companion out on the map with them during an adventure, it will spawn and transform into a Ditto after the catch.

To become a Zoroark, Zorua needs 50 candies. In addition to Zubat, Haunter, Spinarak, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Dusclops, Yamask, Golurk and Phantump, Zorua will now appear during the Pokemon GO Halloween event. The list is rounded off with Piplup, Pikachu, Pumpkaboo and Vulpix, all of whom are dressed in costumes.

The introduction of Zorua in Halloween’s second act is a welcome change that sets it apart from the first. Many of the Field Research activities, Timed Research challenges and Candy rewards are the same as before.

The event bonus for trainers who send out their partner Pokemon in search of Zorua is the chance to collect XL Candy for their Pokemon, which can be used to raise their partner’s level much above the trainer’s limit. Even if the shiny is unavailable, Pokemon GO trainers now have to focus on finding a Zorua with high enough IVs and enough candy to evolve it into Zoroark.

Niantic’s most prominent augmented reality mobile game has had a rocky history, with the Zorua release being the latest glitch. In the past, after the Litwick Community Day, gyms couldn’t change over to become raids since the new Elite Raid featuring Hoopa Unbound prevented it.

Prices of in-game products were a common source of contention among Pokemon GO players, with many questioning whether or not they were truly worth the cost. With the game entering a peak time period for its event, players are crossing their fingers that there won’t be any more problems for the remainder of the year.

Pokemon GO may be downloaded on Android and iOS devices immediately.

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