Hospital PlayList, ‘Dr. Romantic’, ‘Dr. John’, ‘Yong Pal’ And More Seven

The show centers on five doctors in their forties who have been buddies since they met in medical school back in 1999. Assistant professor of general surgery and liver transplant expert Lee Ik Jun. After divorcing his absentee wife, he is the sole provider for his little boy.

Because of his infectious positivity and ability to strike up conversations with virtually anyone, he is well-liked by both his patients and his colleagues. Assistant Professor of Pediatric Surgery Ahn Jeong Won is unabashedly talented at his work and is beloved by his patient’s thanks to his kind nature and willingness to go the extra mile.


Because of the suffering, he sees in his patients, he is a devoted Catholic and has privately considered becoming a priest. The associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery, Kim Junwan, gives off an air of clinical austerity. He has a gentle, friendly side that only comes out around his close friends and select patients.

Obstetrician and gynecologist assistant professor Yang Seok Hyeong is a reserved and solitary person. However, despite his seemingly uncaring demeanor, he is dedicated to the well-being of the female patients in his care. He loves his mum but is divorced from his wife.

The lone female member of this group of male friends is Chae Song Hwa, an associate professor in the field of neurosurgery. Her peers think she’s flawless because of her terrific demeanor, the hundreds of successful procedures she’s conducted, and her caring approach to patients.

Dr. Romantic (2016 & 2020)

Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu) is a surgeon with three board certifications who rose to the top at Seoul’s prestigious Geosan University Hospital. His tale is told in the first season. In the wake of a horrific experience, he vanishes and reinvents himself as Kim Sa-bu. He gets a job at a tiny hospital in Doldam, Gangwon Province.

By educating them to stand up to authority and financial incentives in the name of patient care, he helps Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Yoon Seo Jeong (Seo Hyun Jin) realize their potential as medical practitioners. Three years after the first season’s events, Kim Sa Bu returns to Geosan University Hospital in search of a general surgeon.

He gives the position to Dr. Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop), a damaged individual who has been shunned by his peers due to his past mistakes. Meanwhile, Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) is forced to accompany the two surgeons to Doldam Hospital after being suspended for yet another operating room gaffe.

Dr. John

Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung), an anesthesiologist, is the protagonist of this drama. Despite his odd behavior, he is truly a master at his craft. As played by Lee Se Young, Kang Si Young is Cha Yo Han’s anesthesiology resident. She is friendly, caring, and attentive to her patients’ needs. A lot of patients visit the emergency room because of unexplained acute or persistent pain. Cha Yo Jan and Kang Si Young go there to investigate and treat the patients’ ailments.

Hospital PlayList, 'Dr. Romantic', 'Dr. John', 'Yong Pal' And More Seven

 Yong Pal

Kim Tae Hyun, the protagonist, is depicted in the drama as an exceptionally skilled surgeon. Under the alias Yong Pal, he treats criminals and corrupt plutocrats so that he may pay for his sister’s medical bills. In an effort to save the life of Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee), a chaebol heiress who had been placed in a medically induced coma, he teamed up with a group of unethical doctors.


In high school, Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) was known as a gangster tough girl. Hye Jung has learned to keep her heart locked because of the emotional wounds she suffered as a child.

After meeting her mentor, Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), however, she goes from being a ‘hopeless’ delinquent to a caring doctor. They broke up after a fellow student found out about their intimate relationship, but 13 years later, when Yoo Hye Jung was a successful doctor, they reconnected and married.

Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk’s Park Hoon and Kim Sang Joong’s Park Cheol were duped as kids and brought to North Korea. Park Hoon’s father, also a doctor, educated him in the medical arts and helped him become one of the best in North Korea. After completing medical school in North Korea, he established himself as a leading expert in cardiothoracic surgery. His feelings for Song Jae Hee

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blossomed there (Jin Se Yeon). He and Jae Hee made a break for South Korea, but he eventually lost track of her. By himself, Park Hoon made it to South Korea. Soon after arriving in South Korea, Park Hoon began his medical career at the prestigious Myungwoo University Hospital. He simultaneously located Doctor Han Seung Hee, who looks much like Jae Hee but insists she isn’t familiar with Park Hoon.

Good Docter

It was revealed that Park Si On (Joo Won), a savant on the autism spectrum, had a genius-level memory and acute spatial skills, therefore he was moved to a specialized care center when he was a youngster. Eventually, he becomes a resident in the field of pediatric surgery, where he has six months to prove his competence. Si On is a psychiatrist, but his colleagues and patients have difficulty accepting him because of his abnormal mental and emotional state.