Why Did Bishop Leave The Equalizer? What was the Reason?

The Equalizer has abruptly killed off a significant player. The death of former CIA director William Bishop (Chris Noth) was revealed in the April 10, 2022 episode “Pulse.” Are you interested in knowing why did Bishop leave the Equalizer?

Read on to find out what led to William’s unexpected departure.

When Did ‘The Equalizer’ Decide To Kill Off William Bishop, and Why?

Chris Noth was let go from his CBS show in December 2021 following allegations of sexual assault. Two women have alleged s*xual misconduct by him. In addition, Noth’s 1995 article about assault and murder threats against model Beverly Johnson reappeared.

CBS had to immediately find a means to remove his character from the show after his dismissal, and they had to do so without destroying the plot. In January 2022, Queen Latifah co-starred with Noth as leading lady Robyn McCall and discussed the show’s future with People (the TV Show!).

She informed the media that the cast and crew were still brainstorming “what we want to accomplish creatively on the show and how we’re going to deal with that character.” “Chris’s character plays a significant role in the show, and the chemistry between him and the other actors was electric. You know the right things need to be done; that’s all I’m asking.

The Equalizer’s January episode with Noth was the last one filmed before he was let go. However, the April episode “Pulse” revealed how he was killed off in the show’s canon.

How Was Chris Noth’s Character Removed From The Equalizer?

William Bishop revealed in “Pulse” that he has been working on a case throughout Europe. Robyn McCall’s nemesis Mason Quinn (Chris Vance) reappears, which causes problems. Mason Quinn, surprisingly, chooses to hold off on going after Robyn for the time being. Instead, he eliminates William by arranging for the plane they were traveling in to crash.

Mason survives the plane crash and threatens Robyn, saying she will be next if she continues the chase. CBS airs new episodes of The Equalizer every Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT.

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