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Barbarian Ending Explained: Who Built The Basement of Airbnb?

Barbarian Ending Explained

Barbarian Ending Explained

The barbaric conclusion is further upon. In 2022, Zach Cregger’s Barbarian made its world premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con. The trailers for this horror film are unusual in that they don’t reveal any of the film’s key plot points or twists. Although the story’s idea is straightforward, it actually contains many interesting elements.

The story of Barbarian centers on Georgina Campbell’s character Tess Marshall, a lady who, upon checking into her Detroit Airbnb, discovers that she isn’t the only guest. From there, the plot thickens.

In the final moments of Barbarian, Tess goes back to the Airbnb to rescue AJ after he has witnessed Frank’s suicide. Although Tess crashes her car into the monster’s Mother, the two of them are able to flee the dreadful mansion.

However, the Mother is very much alive. A man from the neighborhood takes them in, but the Mother ends up killing him, too. Tess is shot by AJ, and the actor, in an attempt to save himself, throws her over the side of the water tower as a sacrifice to the Mother. The Mother caught Tess, but the antagonist still has time to gouge out AJ’s eyes before he dies. Tess manages to escape the horror after shooting the Mother. If you like horror movies then you may also read about Next-Gen Creepy Doll Movie M3GAN’ is No Joke.

This Ending of “Barbarians” Draws Parallels Between AJ and Frank

When AJ watches the tapes Frank recorded of the women he raped, locked up and probably tortured, he is horrified. The actor hates Frank and feels horrible about it. Even though Justin Long’s character didn’t engage in the stereotypical male predatory behaviors (such as stalking, kidnapping, or caging women), his acts (raping a coworker and pushing Tess from the water tower to save himself) were nevertheless appalling.

The irony is that while AJ considers Frank to be a nasty person, he sees himself as mostly excellent but for some poor decision-making. The conclusion of Barbarians, however, contrasts the two individuals, implying that they are not so different from one another.

Toxic masculinity and misogyny are the unifying denominators here, as they drove both protagonists to believe they had a right to women’s bodies and power over their lives. At one point, Frank and AJ look each other in the eye, and it seems as though AJ recognizes something of himself in Frank. For certainly, it’s one of the most intriguing aspects of the scary movie.

Reasons Why Frank Kept Himself in a locked Room

Frank had apparently been dead and buried for some time, what with the Mother being on the loose in the tunnels for so long. Sadly, it wasn’t the case. It’s unclear when he went into hiding in the basement, but it may have been to avoid his Mother.

Even though he had power over the ladies for so long, perhaps the Mother was able to exact some kind of vengeance on her child. Frank could have safely locked himself inside the room if she had assaulted him or mistaken him for her kid as she had done with Tess and AJ. Frank got what he deserved for all of his wrongdoings throughout the years since he never left the house once he was inside out of dread of being found and hurt.

What is an Airbnb and Who Exactly Built The Underground?

What is an Airbnb and Who Exactly Built The Underground

Barbarian takes a break from the action to revisit the past and reveal how Frank came to use the basement of the Airbnb. The fact that AJ had no prior knowledge of the existence of the underground shows it was not included in the original design of the Detroit home.

But who constructed it? Who said it? Frank? The violent man may have been the one to dig those tunnels. There’s everything there he might have used to carry out his atrocities. On the other hand, Airbnb could have been constructed above a network of secret passageways.

Frank might have found the hidden entrance when he first moved home and used it to ensure no one else could ever leave. Frank’s arrival in the area is unknown, but given that the houses still appeared well-kept and modern even in the 1980s, it’s safe to assume that the underground location is older than the neighborhood itself. Also, if Frank had hired a construction company to dig under his house, the word might have gotten out.

What Happened to All the Corpses?

There are some terrifying things in the basement of the Airbnb. It’s gloomy, dreary, and full of gore. Tess and AJ walk along a corridor filled with cages. Weirdly, not even skeletons or fragments of remains may be seen strewn around.

Where did all the women who were apparently slaughtered by Frank (or starved to death) disappear to? While Tess witnesses the Mother murder Keith, his body is nowhere to be seen when AJ comes home and begins searching the basement. This evil man may have secretly buried the bodies of the women in the backyard.

By the 1980s, Frank’s former neighbors had long since moved away, leaving him with an empty neighborhood in which to kill anybody he pleased. Even the Mother, as terribly gone as she is, occasionally made an appearance above deck. The place where she hid Keith’s body probably wasn’t a major focal point in the house. That or the Mother just relocated Keith to a remote part of the huge tube system. We have a good collection of Netflix horror movies that you may also like.

Definition of “Barbarian’s End”

As Frank breaks into a woman’s home for evil, Barbarian implies that women aren’t secure anywhere. Tess had hoped to spend the night alone before her big interview at the Airbnb she had rented, but she had to be on guard because Keith was also staying there. After Meagan’s co-star s*xually assaulted her, she no longer felt safe in the workplace. There’s a good chance the police won’t believe Tess that she was locked up.

They preferred to dismiss her as mad to accepting her as a victim. No one had ever gone after a woman like her before, and discrediting women is a key element of societal efforts to keep them in check. After all, when Meagan accused AJ of s*xually assaulting her, he called her a liar instead of taking responsibility for his conduct. A lack of compassion, together with a refusal to listen to or believe the women of Barbarian, is what keeps guys like AJ and Frank in power.

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