Ted Cruz Denies President Joe Biden’s Legitimacy on “The View”

Ted Cruz a senator from Texas refuses to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s legitimacy as elected nearly two years after supporters of former President Donald Trump invaded the U.S. Capitol, delaying certification of the 2020 election.

The former presidential candidate and current Republican nominee for Texas were confronted on “The View” on Monday about his continued support for Trump his former opponent for the Republican primary.

Cruz was challenged by Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former communications director in Trump’s White House who has since become a harsh critic of the former president, on whether he thought Biden had legitimately won the 2020 election. However, Cruz pivoted and began to attack the Democrats who had been complaining about their own electoral defeats.

Cruz stated, “Joe Biden is the president today.” When a Republican is on camera, many in the media insist that the election was valid even if they know it wasn’t. Who is it that y’all don’t treat that way? Don’t cross Hillary Clinton.

To which I reply, “So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not when Democrats win?” To which Cruz remarked.

Cruz made reference to Clinton’s criticism of the Electoral College for costing her the White House even though she won the popular vote in 2016 and Clinton’s claim that George W. Bush had been “chosen not elected” after the Supreme Court essentially resolved the 2000 presidential election.

Co-host and veteran Republican strategist Ana Navarro replied that Clinton had already lost the 2016 election to Trump. Another co-host Whoopi Goldberg pushed back on the analogies, saying, “We may not like when Republicans win, but we don’t go and we don’t storm.” This was in reference to the rioters that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

There was no Significant Evidence of Fraud During the 2020 Election

On January 6, 2021, Cruz was one of the senators spearheading the charge to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Just before protestors stormed the Capitol, he submitted paperwork contesting the Arizona election results. When lawmakers met again after the incident, he voted against recognizing the state’s election results.

Ted Cruz on The View
Ted Cruz on The View

In subsequent statements, Cruz has stood by his explanation that he had requested for an emergency audit of the election results to be completed in 10 days, well before the inauguration. A month ago, he voted against moving legislation that would have raised the bar for senators to run for president, going against the grain of his party in the Senate Rules Committee.

As part of his interview on “The View,” Cruz also explained why he continues to back Trump despite the latter’s mockery of Cruz’s family during the 2016 Republican primary. Cruz said his wife and father laughed off Trump’s “idiotic” statements.

Trump and I beat the living crud out of each other in the primary,” Cruz stated. If I’d let my emotions get the best of me, I could have decided to take the ball and run. But… we have a chance to make a difference for our nation.

A number of climate activists in the audience started chanting about the urgency of addressing climate change, adding some drama to the TV appearance. After the hosts became visibly upset, they asked the protesters to leave them alone so they could perform their jobs, and then they went into a commercial break to get rid of them.

Saying, “I’m so delighted you don’t have a Van Gogh on the wall,” Cruz expressed his relief at the absence of a masterpiece by the Dutch artist.

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