Doetrich Mateschitz Net Worth and Reason Behind Death

Dietrich Mateschitz is a popular businessman in Austria. He is a billionaire as well as a co-founder and 50% owner of Red Bull GmbH. Found it in 1984 and launched it in 1987, in Austria. He also enabled several game teams, including Formula One. To know about net worth, early life, personal life, and other details read this post completely.

 Doetrich Mateschitz: Early Life

Dietrich is a native of Germany, born in Stria on 20 May 1944 and died on 22 October 2022. But resources and tools that Zadar was known to. His parents were teachers. He complete his graduation in marketing in 1972, from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Doetrich Mateschitz: Career

Dietrich worked at Unilever, then he moved to Blendax, which produces cosmetic products. There founded Krating Cheng, and later it become Red Bull. In 1984 again he discovered Red Bull GmbH, with the help of Chaleo Yoovidhya, and launched it after three years.

  He also becomes the owner of Seitenblicke, one of the top magazines in Austria. A television channel Servus TV, also bought by him, where COVID-19 news criticized.

“There’s still a race ahead and we’re going to try to make him proud tomorrow.”

Sauber Formula One’s 60% team was bought by Red Bull and in 2001, this connection was finished as Kimi Raikkonen become the owner of the team. In 2005, he became the owner of a football team, SV Austria Salzburg. Mateschiz, establish Wings for Life, which provide their found to research the spinal cord with Heinz Kinigander.

Doetrich Mateschitz: Personal Life

Mateschitz was single his whole life, but a son named Mark. Dietrich never gives an interview about his son, he remains tight lips always. Mostly he used jeans and sunglasses. In his whole life, he has had one girlfriend named Marion Feichtner, and Mark is the son of both.

He said, “I don’t believe in 50 friends. I believe in a smaller number. Nor do I care about societal events. It’s the most senseless use of time. When I do go out, from time to time, it’s just to convince myself again that I’m not missing a lot”.

The license the pilot was also gained by flying Falcon 900 with a Piper Super Cab. He like to buy a house and said, “I want to enjoy these places myself, but I also want to take care of them”. Unfortunately, he died on 22 October 2022, at 78.

Doetrich Mateschitz: Net Worth

One of the richest businessmen from Austria is Dietrich according to Forbes. His net worth is estimated at $ 27.5 billion. His teams Red Bull and Toro Rosso are approximately $ 350 million. Aside from this, he is the owner of the German football club, RB Leipzig. Around the world Dietrich made properties.

Doetrich Mateschitz: Reason Behind Death

Austrian businessman, Dietrich was dies recently. Although it was a big loss we can’t do anything. The Red Bull team confirmed his death, on Saturday. “So many of us have to be so grateful to him for the opportunities he’s provided and the vision he had, the strength of character, and never being afraid to follow dreams, and chase dreams. That’s what he did here in F1, proving that you can make a difference,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

But other information related to his death, where he died and the reason behind his death is available on social media accounts. 

Max Verstappen, “It’s been hard news for everyone — what he has meant for Red Bull, and of course the sport, and especially for me.”  And “What he has done for me, my career so far, and in general my life, it’s really tough, it’s a really tough day,” Verstappen said. “There’s still a race ahead and we’re going to try to make him proud tomorrow.”


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