Love is Blind One More Couple Divorced, Know Who Are They?

One year “Love Is Blind” lead cast Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely come into the spotlight because of their affairs. But unfortunately, now this couple split off. Jarrette described the reason behind their unsuccessful marriage. As this couple accepted each other on Netflix’s shoe Love is Blind Season 2.

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Jarrette and Iyanna are the first couples who get divorced, although several couples break up before marriage which is made in Love are Blind, after marriage, these two separated. As these two face many issues in this relationship.

“After much thought, we’re saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing,” McNeely, 28, and Jones, 32, said in an Instagram post on August 17. “While we have a love for each other, our lives are going in different directions and that’s OK. Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best.”

Jarrette’s first choice was Mallory Zapata but, she expected another proposal from Salvador Perez, then Jarrette propose Iyanna, who ex-pat it. On the honeymoon trip Salvador feels that Mallory is not for him and they split their relationship, but Jarratte and Iyanna moved on and get married.

After a year this couple decided to split off silently and announced their decision on the Twitter post as they post, “We tried our best,” but “marriage is more than love and unfortunately we were incompatible on everything else.” Iyanna answered one by saying how “happy”, “We were but our lives are moving in such different directions,” she shared.

Then both said, “We hope you all will give us some space as we close this chapter of our lives. Thank you to our close friends and family for loving us both through our experience. To the Love Is Blind family and Netflix, thank you for this unforgettable opportunity and support.”

Love Is Blind: Other Couple Who Breakup?

why did jarrett and iyanna break up
“We tried our best,” but “marriage is more than love and unfortunately we were incompatible on everything else.”

Mallory and Salvador 

Mallory and Salvador are another couples who break up and also meet in season two of Love are Blind. But Jarrette thought about Mallory “She’s a better fit for me because she’s everything that I needed.” And  “On paper, me and Mal would’ve worked out. … I think with Iyanna — she was vastly different and I think those differences are things that I needed in my life to help me grow and be a better person and be a better husband.

In season 2 McNeely thought that Jones is perfect for her, “My logic was telling me, ‘I don’t know this man and I don’t know if I can trust him when he says that he’s gonna make me the priority.”

McNeely thought about Jones “He heard my concerns and he ultimately showed me that I was a priority. So by the time we got to the wedding day, I was really just in the feels. I was just really excited and really just ready to get it done.” But before celebrating their first anniversary this couple announces their divorce.

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams 

Shaina and Kyle are another couples who break up before marriage. This couple brought their relationship to engagement. After engaging with Kyle, Shaina decided to marry Christos Ladarkis. And Kyle is moved on with Deepti Vempati, Deepti first engaged with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, but split off.

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

One more couple on the list, who breakup before marriage is Natalie and Shayne. This couple is the audience’s favorite but split off before marriage for a one-night fight.

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