Nick Cannon Declines A $4.5 Million Hollywood Contract

Ultimately, Nick Cannon left America’s Got Talent because of complications with his Showtime stand-up show. Nick Cannon is a multitalented entertainer who has achieved fame in several fields.

Others may recognize him as the host of America’s Got Talent or as an incredible musician in addition to his prominent role as Mariah Carey’s ex-husband. Regardless of how you found out about him, it’s safe to say that he is a significant entertainment figure.

Nick Cannon Declines Million Hollywood Contract
Nick Cannon Declines Million Hollywood Contract

Though Nick is expecting again by August 2022, the news of Brittany’s pregnancy shocks everyone. Abby De La Rosa revealed in June that she’s expecting again. Since the DJ has already given birth to a pair of twins with Nick, named Zillion and Zion, he is widely believed to be the father of her third child.

Last year, Nick and Abby welcomed twins and just a month later, The Masked Singer host, along with wife Alyssa Scott, welcomed the couple’s seventh child. Unfortunately, their newborn son, Zen, died from brain cancer shortly after his birth.

The Things reported that Nick Cannon quit America’s Got Talent due primarily to complications arising from his stand-up performance on Showtime. Cannon claims that his actions and the message they sent were not well received by the network. According to Cannon, NBC wasn’t happy because the show wasn’t “PG,” which is the rating they usually give him when he hosts America’s Got Talent.

Cannon admitted that this was not the first time he had experienced connectivity issues. The difference was that he wasn’t going to be threatened this time.

Cannon told USA Today,My soul won’t allow me to be in business with corporations that attempt to frown on freedom of speech, censor artists, and question cultural choices.”

More than that, Cannon said, “Not to get too detailed but this isn’t the first time executives have attempted to ‘put me in my place for so-called unruly actions.”

Cannon had enough, and his departure from the show was meant to be a statement to Hollywood.

Cannon’s eighth season on the show was supposed to begin but he had seen enough. That time, Cannon posted on Facebook, “It’s unacceptable to me and I refuse to accept it. I don’t need millions of dollars hanging over my head to go against my moral principles.”

Cannon not only gave up a weekly paycheck from a show that millions of people watched but also abandoned a show that was still generating significant viewership. It was said that the host made around $4.5 million per season.

NBC allegedly considered firing Cannon over the jokes in the special but ultimately decided to let the comments slide, according to TMZ. But Cannon realized he didn’t want to work where he feared retaliation for speaking out, especially on racial issues.

Here we discuss Nick Cannon declining a $4.5 Million Hollywood contract. Cannon posted on Facebook, “It’s unacceptable to me and I refuse to accept it. I don’t need millions of dollars hanging over my head to go against my moral principles.” I hope this information answers your questions regarding this topic. If you like this information, then share it with your friends and comment in the comment section. Bookmark our website for the latest updates. Stay tuned for more updates at