Why Did Brendan Fraser Lave Hollywood? The Actor’s Career From Attacks To Operations Is Analyzed In The Whale

Brendan Fraser has recently been the topic of conversation because the screening of his upcoming film The Whale took place at the Venice Film Festival. Video footage recorded Fraser shedding a few tears while the audience shouted for him and the movie while giving the film a standing ovation for six minutes.

Fraser showed her gratitude to the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, by giving him multiple hugs after the performance received a rapturous reception from the audience. He attempted to leave the theater once, but the applause and appreciation convinced him to stay so that he could enjoy the occasion for a more extended period.

As the heartfelt video of Fraser’s performance began to circulate on Twitter, users began to speculate about the reasons behind his decision to leave the acting industry. In the film The Whale,  Brendan Fraser plays the role of a gay man who is overweight and confined to a wheelchair.

While citing several reasons for his temporary departure from the acting industry, Fraser pointed to an assault event involving Philip Berk. The latter had previously served as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) president.

Brendan Fraser Has Been Injured In Various Stunts Throughout The Years

Brendan Fraser said in an interview with GQ, conducted during the promotion of his TV show Trust, why he has chosen to have a lower public profile. He said he had been injured quite a bit when performing stunts, which limited his ability to keep up his regular schedule.

A laminectomy, a partial knee replacement and vocal chord surgery were among the procedures he endured. In an interview, Brendan Fraser said he spent the best of seven years in and out of hospitals. Fraser said he was too affected by his mother’s death in 2016 when he talked about it.

Why Did Brendan Fraser Leave Hollywood
Why Did Brendan Fraser Leave Hollywood

Additionally, he pointed out: that I’ve relocated and been through a divorce. Infants entered the world. They’re growing up despite having just been born. As a result of what I was experiencing, I was being shaped and molded in ways I could not have anticipated.

Brendan Fraser had to endure an unseemly episode during his time as a working actor in Hollywood and this is one of the key reasons why. Fraser mentioned an event in 2003 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while he was there for a Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon, in the same interview with GQ.

During the time, the actor claimed that Philip Berk, then the HFPA president, had assaulted him at the event. A quote from Fraser reads: One of his fingers hits me in the taint as his left hand goes around and grabs my a** cheek. And then he begins to shuffle it about.

Brendan Fraser said that he felt “sick… like a young kid… like there was a ball in my throat” after the incident, adding that he became “depressed” and “reclusive.” When Brendan Fraser was passed up for the role of Superman in Superman Returns, he felt like he “didn’t measure up” and “failed.” Comment from the actor:

That calls for thick skin, denial, burying your head in the sand, gritting your teeth, putting on a brave face, or simply not even…needing the public. Ignoring. I don’t care. I’m staying put. Not because I was cold or anything. I didn’t feel like I belonged. As a result, I didn’t feel like a part of anything.

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Brendan Fraser claimed that he “bought into the pressure that comes with the goals and aims that come with a professional life that is being sculpted, formed, steered and managed” and disappeared from acting and eventually public life.

After his role in The Mummy, Brendan Fraser was recognized by everyone (1999). School Ties (1992), Blast From The Past (1999), Bedazzled (2000), Inkheart (2008) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) are just a few of the films in which he played a leading role (2008).

His newest film, The Whale, came out on September 4. The cast includes Hong Chau, Samantha Morton, Sadie Sink, Ty Simpkins and Fraser. The movie The Whale has reportedly put Brendan Fraser in the running for “Best Actor” at this year’s Academy Awards.

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