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Don’t Go To a Stranger’s House Because Netflix’s The Watcher Inspired From It

The Watcher House in Westfield

The Watcher House in Westfield

Fans of the new Netflix series The Watcher have descended upon the house in Westfield, New Jersey and the locals are dealing with an influx of curious onlookers. Apparently, there has been an influx of people into the area due to the popularity of the event which has led to increased traffic and other inconveniences for locals.

Even though Ryan Murphy’s show wasn’t shot at the actual Westfield site (they used a house in Rye, New York instead), fans have nonetheless been known to jump out of their seats in the hope of catching a sight of the genuine house.

Security measures include barricades and yellow tape placed around the house to keep out unwanted visitors. Since the Broaddus family (original occupants and recipients of the ominous letters from the self-designated Watcher) no longer resides at the address in question, the new tenants are left to deal with the aftereffects of the ordeal.

According to local resident Trish Dulinkski, “we are all concerned for the family living there now and their neighbors.” I shudder to think of how much hate mail the present owners will receive from crazy people all over the world, or how long it will be before normalcy returns to the neighborhood.

Netflix subscribers can now view The Watcher. Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale play the unhappy couple who move into the Westfield house without realizing that someone has made it their purpose to not just keep a watch on it, but also to make sure they know they are unwelcome guests.

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