The PlayStation 5 Version of God of War: Ragnarok Features a 120 Hz Mode

Based on a new rumor it appears that Sony Santa Monica will give players a wide range of graphical options in God of War: Ragnarok. These include compatibility for 4K at 30 frames per second 60 frames per second and an FPS Performance mode that syncs to 120 frames per second on monitors.

Some game modes in next-gen video games focus on graphics and fidelity while others put an emphasis on speed and framerate.

A Look at God of War: Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok’s capability for 120hz was discovered thanks to a breakdown of the game’s graphics mode options by Press Start. For all intents and purposes, this means that it was built with an uncapped framerate that strives to be greater than 60 frames per second.

The report includes the following categories of transport:

  • The 4K/30 FPS setting is recommended
  • In-Game Framerate of 60 FPS Locked
  • Appraised Resolution (Optimized for Faster Frame Rates): 4K at 40 FPS (HDMI 2.1 required)
  • For Best Performance Turn on High FPS: 120 Hz Sync (HDMI 2.1 required)

The 120hz setting requires an HDMI 2.1-compatible display, as it does with all PlayStation 5 and Xbox One S games. Meanwhile, the 40 FPS option that’s limited to HDMI 2.1 is quite similar to what we saw in The Last of Us Part I which was released a month ago.

We were blown away by the “engaging, emotive plot with bits of Kratos savagely ripping things in half interspersed in during the heartbreaking opening minutes,” as we put it in our own God of War Ragnarok preview.

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God of War: Ragnarok: First Impressions from Playing the Game

God of War Ragnarok First Impressions from Playing the Game
God of War Ragnarok First Impressions from Playing the Game

The PlayStation 5’s Mythical Immersion

Winter’s Wonder – PS5’s stunning 4K visuals and silky framerates make Midgard shine (I played in Performance mode). The kingdom of Kratos and Atreus is not immune to the advance of Fimbulwinter.

When the players slog through the snow, it cracks and separates and the light glints off the snowflakes and the ice crystals on their surfaces. Frosted waterfalls look like sculpted works of beauty, standing tall and detailed. The tranquility of a winter stroll through the woods is well captured in this snowy Midgard.

Flexible methods of warfare

It took me until the second half of God of War (2018) to get comfortable with the new lighting systems, but now that I have, I can’t imagine playing any other way. The close-quarters perspective, the dual-wielding Leviathan Axe and the plethora of weapons and techniques available in combat left me feeling a little bewildered.

But when I reclaimed Kratos’ axe and Blades of Chaos at the outset of God of War: Ragnarök, I felt renewed bravery and a hunger for war. Having access to both weapons early on inspired me to make better use of Kratos’ abilities and doing so is a lot of fun.

Death from Above allows Kratos to rush up a cliff and bash into adversaries below, stunning them and setting the tone for a fierce battle. There is a far greater emphasis on verticality in God of War: Ragnarök and the new combat choice is a prime example of this.

Keep your cool: holding down the triangle button (which is also used to equip and recall the Leviathan Axe) grants your next attack a Frost Awaken effect. Frozen Breach is a wide swing that applies Frost to nearby enemies that may be executed by pressing R1 during Frost Awaken.

When you aim and press R1 during Frost Awaken, you’ll unleash a blizzard of frost whenever your Leviathan Axe hits something. Kratos’ newfound elemental versatility breathes exciting variety into every fight.

Blades of Chaos the blazing counterpart of the Leviathan Axe’s frost awakening allow the user to unleash a ferocious flame whiplash by repeatedly pressing the triangle button. This infuses Kratos’s chained weapons with fire making short work of ice walls and other such obstacles. Furthermore, Kratos’s coolness factor increases dramatically as he spins the chain of the blade to fan the flames.

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