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Netflix’s 3% May Be Ending But Its Creator Has Already Started Filming Another Dystopian Series

Netflix's 3%

Netflix's 3%

After completing The Process, the trip is finished. According to Portuguese news outlet Natelinha, Season 4 of Netflix’s Brazilian thriller 3% will be it’s last. The Netflix series, which examined the flaws of a meritocratic utopia through a Hunger Games-like lens has concluded its four-year run.

It took a while for the series to make it to television. Super Interessante reports that 3% was conceptualized in 2011 by its creator Pedro Aguilera. He shot the series’ three short pilot episodes and uploaded them all to YouTube.

In the episodes, a group of twenty-somethings competes against one another for a spot in the elite three percent that gets to leave their impoverished homeland and live in a distant, affluent society.

The description of the shorts includes the words “We are looking for a TV channel interested in making this entire season possible,” written by Aguilera. Netflix offered him a deal five years later based on the same premise, and the resulting series 3% was the streaming service’s first original production from Brazil.

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The series continues the story of a group of young adults, introduced in the pilot, who are trying to make their way to the more prosperous Inland from the impoverished Offshore. By the final season, a third choice—the friendly Shell—has been developed.

Although viewers are understandably upset by the show’s cancellation, the cast has been quick to point out on Instagram what a remarkable achievement it is that 3% lasted for seasons on Netflix, a service notorious for canceling series too soon.

Last day of filming, last make of Michelle, last day of a set of 3% — a journey that I started in 2014,” actor Bianca Comparato, who plays Michelle, posted on Oct. 10, 2019. “My heart is full of gratitude … what thrills me most about this whole process is that we were pioneers in streaming platforms in Brazil … Netflix Brazil has grown so much in recent years and today I am pleased to see many colleagues producing incredible content.”

The actor playing André Bruno Fagundes also gushed over 3% in a post showcasing the cast and crew from the show on October 3. To paraphrase, “Culture is what makes us who we are as a nation! This series is entirely Brazilian and was created with the intention of being broadcast internationally“, he wrote.

Netflix’s Brazilian thriller 3%

Actress Vaneza Oliveira, who plays Joana also took to social media to express her gratitude to the “amazing team” responsible for making 3% what it is. They were the ones she “ate breakfast with, lunch with, drank with, laughed with, and grieved with” throughout the months she spent with them, she wrote. It was the “realization of a lifelong ambition to contribute to something of lasting significance.”

The first season of the Netflix original series Omniscient is currently available to watch online, and Aguilera’s showrunner is already hard at work on the second season. Omniscient, like 3% set in the not-too-distant future, focuses on a utopian metropolis where every resident is continually monitored by a tiny drone that goes unnoticed by the naked eye.

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