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What Are The Example Of Social Issue and How it Affects You?

example of social issue

What Are the example of social issue and how it affects you?: A social issue is a major topic to be worried about for every people who lived in a civilized society. You can say that many types of problems which faced by the common man. These issues are connected with different fields and can be personal or interpersonal, such as economic, political, social, individual, and warfare.

In Rights of Man and Common Sense, Thomas Paine said an individual’s duty is to “allow the same rights to others as we allow ourselves.” In a straight way, we can say that social issue belongs to political leaders, who used them as a weapon at the time of election to partition the public only for a vote. Many legends people used several methods to decrease these issues in their own way. For example, they start a non-profit organization for helping the poor, contributing free meals, and giving sources of income.

Which State has Most Issues?

There are billions of people living in the whole world, but the United States is the country that has the most issues. Their police and other responsible people also tried to solve it from time to time. But could not succeed to finish it completely. To know what issues are faced by them and how they could be solved read this post. Here we have a list of types and examples of social issues.

Types And Example Of Social Issue

Social issues are discussed here, now we are going to discuss types of social issues in short. Here are ten types of social issues.

Major Social Issues Faced By United States

Student debt

In the previous days, you can see a lot of ups and downs statics in students loan in 2022. According to our search, approximately $ 1.75 trillion in student loans is pending now. Mostly 93% of percentage loans are provided by the federal and others are from private companies.

Aside from this in 2020 collective loans also increased their rate to 8% and many middle-class students were not able to pay these dues. When they are not capable, credit increase more and more, in this way a common student sinks into debt.

Wage inequality

 According to Economic Policy Institute report, from 1979 to 2020, wages reached 1.0% to 179.3%, and growth is not according to this. In 2021, only the top 10% of people had more than 70% money of in America. Because of the payment inequalities between the CEO and other workers.

You can be surprised to know that from 1990 to 2918, the CEO’s salary increased to 900%, and on the other side employees’ salaries increased by only 20 percent. 


Heath is the first right of every person and providing better healthcare centers is the first duty of every nation. But as we research in this field we get surprising data, KFF reported that one citizen among ten has a medical debt of at least $ 10,000.

Another fact that is responsible for medical debt is disabilities which are mostly faced by black people. With all this, COVID-19 also comes to vanished the healthcare system. This pandemic increase the costs of medicines and fees also, it affects quality and other access, because people have no earnings these days.


To afford a house is one of the most important duties for a common. But in America, you can not find a house easily. In fact, citizens of America himself confessed that finding a house in America is a “major problem” in 2021. National Low Income House Coalition stated that even a person who works more than 40 hours a week, can’t afford a two-bedroom rental home.

If you lived in New York then you have to work at least 92 hours, then you can able to a one-bedroom rental home. Wages in other state is different like in Taxes it is $ 7.25 per hour, in California, you get $14 per hour.

Voting rights

Voting right is a highly increased issue for every country, especially in the US. Many committees were made to make laws and track this problem. As you all know it was said that Joy Biden won the election in an illegal way, stealing votes. This could be trying to solve with some restrictions like main in voting is limited, Sunday voting, a struct ID, and some others.

Reproductive rights

Reproductive right is conducted with abortion. The sperm Court judgment is stopped and wanted to overturn Rao v. Wade, for the case abortion is a constitutional right. More than 14 states give their consent that abortion is illegal. Oklahoma make a new law on banned at abortion and being punished by prison for a long time.

The co-director of the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University is quoted: “Once you throw down the best-known decision in that category of cases, every single other case is now up for grabs.”

Book banning in schools

Everything is going digital in today’s life and many statistics banned books in their school, which is why librarians, teachers, and education advocates may be aggressive in some way. First of all PEN America banned books only for nine months, in 26 states and 86 schools. 

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