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Destiny 2: About Halloween Event and How to Get Manifested Pages?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

If you want to max out your rewards in Festival of the Lost you need to obtain enough of Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 and convert them to Manifested Pages. As usual with Destiny’s Halloween event you need to take part in particular actions to acquire these pages but that’s only part of the process.

Like most things in Destiny 2 turning Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages requires a few extra steps, but it’s not as tiresome as it seems. These actions are part of a larger event that will earn you plenty of sweets and is therefore worthwhile regardless of how many pages you plan on reading.

Plan on devoting some time over the next few weeks to farming Spectral Pages in order to complete the Book of the Lost and obtain all of the event awards, including the new Mechabre Rifle.

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Destiny 2: Obtaining Spectral Pages

At the beginning of Festival of the Lost 2022 you will begin the Gone but Not Forgotten quest and obtain your first Spectral Pages. As you progress through the quest, these will convert into Manifested Pages without any further action on your part, but once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll have access to additional pages in a few different ways.

Wear your mask from the Festival of the Lost while you do these things, otherwise, you won’t obtain any of the rewards for them.

Destiny 2: Best Spectral Page Agricultural Practices

Destiny 2 Best Spectral Page Agricultural Practices

Keep to public events if you want to get Spectral Pages rapidly, which you do. These may be farmed in nearly any region by just zooming to the event places as they rotate every few minutes, and they take a lot less time than playlist activities.

A glitch that lets you farm nine Spectral Pages by playing the second mission in the Witch Queen campaign with another player is also available as of the event’s start date. YouTuber Aztecross demonstrates how to do it, but be aware that Bungie will probably fix this way before the event concludes.

Crucible matchups are ideal for farming candy as well as other resources. One of the best methods is to gain candy and get all of Eva’s goodies from the event shop as you receive 235 candy simply for participating and an additional eight candy for each kill.

Methods for Materializing Aspirational Text

The only way to transform a Spectral Page into a Manifested Page is to venture into Haunted Sectors and face off against the Headless Ones, who are giants wearing pumpkins in their neck cavities.

While we haven’t yet nailed down the exact calculation for how many pages each Headless One converts, we have discovered that clearing the event by killing at least ten of them allows you to change at least a dozen pages.

Return to the tower with your Manifested Pages and place them in the Book of the Forgotten located to Eva Levante’s right. Here you may check out the gifts you’ve earned, the special event pass you can buy for access to even more rewards, and the remaining challenges you need to accomplish.

The Halloween Event in Destiny 2 is Blazing

The Halloween Event in Destiny 2 is Blazing

The annual Halloween loot event in Destiny 2 is back, and it’s a complete disaster. As expected yesterday’s release of Festival of the Lost was plagued by problems, including as a bug that prevented players from progressing in quests and the inclusion of obsolete items. It was terrible, especially considering how little had changed from the previous year at an event that now required a separate $10 mini-battle pass.

In case you haven’t heard of it, during the Festival of the Lost, players don Halloween masks, grind ancient content for candy and spectral pages, and then use those items to purchase tickets for limited-time lost sector runs in which they shoot enormous alien pumpkin heads for limited-time loot.

It’s either a joyous diversion or a soul-crushing duty, depending on who you ask, but this year there were plenty of things to look forward to, like a new suit of mech-inspired Gundam-ass armor.

A significant problem that was throttling development and devouring ghost pages quickly dampened any excitement players may have felt. Some gamers remained grinding in vain, unable to advance in the questline, while others waited patiently for a patch. It wasn’t until late last night that Bungie was able to find a solution to the issue. The event’s first day was sabotaged, unfortunately.

Finally, there’s the faulty treasure. The new Mechabre sniper rifle and other Festival of the Lost items will supposedly drop with additional perk choices and an origin feature that grants aiming speed boosts when playing solo.

However, some players claim to have received outdated weaponry lacking any useful origin traits. When attending a Halloween-themed event, this is about as exciting as finding rocks in your trick-or-treat bag.

However, the new event pass, a $10 expansion that Bungie released for seasonal activities with the Solstice of Heroes update this summer seems to be doing the trick.

Players can earn a few bonuses by completing the free track or they can upgrade to the premium version and earn even more. However, there aren’t many more, and some people are left wondering why players would spend as much on a few cosmetics as a whole season.

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