Big Mouth Season 6: What Will Happen in this Season?

Big Mouth Netflix’s unabashedly ribald hyperbolic preteen hormone frolic of an animated sitcom is about to return with a brand new season so brace yourselves.

This adult cartoon series is famous for its frequent use of obscene language its focus on human s*x organs and its funny and occasionally touching treatment of the awkward subject of adolescent hormones and the onset of puberty. Season 6 of Big Mouth is scheduled for release on October 28, 2022, so let’s review what we know about it thus far.

How About a Release Date for Big Mouth Season 6?

The premiere date for Big Mouth Season 6 is set for October 28, 2022. Season 6’s wide release shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the show because the seasons have generally premiered around the same time every year. It was revealed that Season 6 would be coming in the fall of 2019 when Season 3 was still airing.

With a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes with season launches consistently in the Netflix Top 10 internationally and at the top place in the United States, Big Mouth is one of the most commercially and critically successful animated shows coming from Netflix.

For adults, there is no better-animated comedy series than what can be found on Netflix. Before Season 6 ever aired, Big Mouth was renewed for a seventh season, which is great news for viewers. In addition, a second season order was given for the spinoff series Human Resources.

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Is Anyone From Season 5 Back for Big Mouth Season 6?

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast
Big Mouth Season 6 Cast

To our relief, Big Mouth’s Season 6 will have nearly the same cast as the previous season. Below is a list of the principal actors and the roles they play (which can number in the dozens).

A cast of characters voiced by Nick Kroll, including Nick, Maury the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster and Lola.

  • John Mulaney as Andrew/Mint/Grandpa Andrew/Babe the Blue Ox/Detective Florez
  • Jessi Klein as Jessi
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jay/Guy/Socrates
  • Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDell
  • Paula Pell as Barbara Glouberman
  • Richard Kind as Marty Glouberman

Is There Some History Behind Their Flamboyant Statements?

The Netflix original series Big Mouth was developed by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. In addition to Blair Fetter, Kristen Zolner and Jane Wiseman, the aforementioned four are also executive producers.

As of September 29, 2017, the first season of Big Mouth was available on Netflix. The show is based on the real-life friendship of creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, who grew up together in a privileged Westchester County, New York suburb.

Big Mouth Season 6: What Happens?

The protagonists of Big Mouth are a group of preteens going through some of the challenges that come with entering their teenage years. Hormone Monsters, Anxiety Mosquitoes, Depression Kitties and Shame Monsters help them through these tough times.

There were a lot of new threads presented in Season 5 and advancements for our main characters that will no doubt be expanded upon in Season 6. Andrew battled an overwhelming sense of horniness throughout the season and learned to be more at ease and confident in his own skin as a result.

At the same time Nick tries to deal with the heartbreak he feels after Jessi rejects his feelings for her. He gets a Hate Worm, but his non-animated adult self (also voiced by Nick Kroll) helps him get over it. While this is going on, Jessi begins to question her sexuality and eventually falls in love with Ali.

As a result, she neglects her other connections, particularly with Missy. Missy spends most of the season harboring a Hate Worm as a result of this and her romantic difficulties with Devon. Through healthy self-expression, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills training, this Hate Worm transforms into a Love Bug.

Last but not leas, Jay is also questioning his s*xuality. He and Lola have restarted their poisonous relationship so he decides to date Mathew in the hopes of finding a healthier one.

Human Resources Season 1 finale could have an effect on Big Mouth’s upcoming Season 6. Seeing the teaser should put your mind at ease that both shows are set in the same universe and occur at the same time.

Many of the monsters from Human Resources also feature in Big Mouth, so any progress they make there should be reflected in the other show. One thing that could change the course of events in Season 6 of Big Mouth is if Connie gets pregnant by Maurice.

Big Mouth Season 6 Trailer

Teaser Connie (Maya Rudolph) from Hormone Monster is shown scrolling through Instagram, looking at photos of her celebrity crush, Seann William Scott. When Maury (Nick Kroll) walks in, he asks her to apply cocoa butter on his pregnant tummy. After a brief exchange, the scene cuts to the Netflix logo, with the release date for Season 6 of Big Mouth superimposed on it, and then Connie screams.

Although brief, the teaser was significant in answering a major fan question heading into Season 6. Viewers may be taken aback by Maury’s pregnancy if they are unable to process the news. The reason for this is that the pregnancy plotline involving Maury and Connie was lifted verbatim from the closing credits of the Big Mouth spinoff series Human Resources, which premiered on Netflix in early 2016.

On October 3, 2022, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Big Mouth. The teaser starts off with Sister Sledge’s legendary hit “We Are Family” as it reveals Maury’s pregnancy again.

The trailer also features a hint at a Bridgerton reference, Jessi clashing with her newborn half-sister, and an extremely uncomfortable webcam meeting between Andrew, his parents, and his ex-girlfriend from last season, Bernie Sanders.

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