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Kanye West Is Legally Deciding Divorce With Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Is Legally Deciding Divorce With Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Is Legally Deciding Divorce With Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Is Legally Deciding Divorce With Kim Kardashian: Kanye West is attempting to settle his divorce from Kim Kardashian through the court system, which may be the most unexpected action he has made this week.

You read that right Kanye is prepared to settle his divorce from the star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ and he had his lawyer file the necessary paperwork, according to court documents acquired by The Blast.

Through his new attorney, Kanye submitted a “statement of disclosure,” which suggests the case is almost finished. In circumstances of this nature, the disclosure is generally filed days or weeks after the filing of the final judgment and settlement.

The paper specifically states that Kanye has given Kim’s legal counsel all of his financial information and that they have reached an agreement over how to divide their assets.

Kanye West Is Ready To Settle His Divorce Battle With Kim Kardashian

All parts of celebrity divorces can be “settled,” with the exception of child custody. We anticipate Kanye won’t let up on his desire to have more control over his four children, particularly over their education.

As you are aware, the rapper and fashion designer convinced the Kardashians to transfer their kids from the Los Angeles private school to his “Donda” school.

Kanye West Is Legally Deciding Divorce With Kim Kardashian

Kanye changed lawyers multiple times in this matter, as we previously reported, even getting dismissed by one of the greatest in the business. Kanye recruited billionaires’ representatives Robert Stephan Cohen a few weeks ago. While representing Melinda Gates in one of the most costly divorces in American history, the divorce lawyer caused a stir.

Kanye West Is Taking HUGE Heat For Comments On George Floyld And Jewish Community

Intriguingly, Kanye recently spoke on a podcast about his child custody battle, adding, “I still give Kim advice on how to be helpful today because it would benefit the kids. She still has to raise those kids 80% of the time.”

However, sources suggest that the former couple no longer speaks to one another at all. Both were spotted this week at North’s basketball game, but Kim refused to even look Kanye in the eye. He also had a t-shirt that said “White Lives Matter” on it.

According to sources close to Kardashian, she broke off all contact with the rapper because he was having a “mental health episode.” So, is she accurate? Well, Kanye is currently receiving A LOT of criticism for his remarks regarding the passing of George Floyd and his Jewish presence in the entertainment industry.

In the Floyd case, Kanye appeared on the “Drink Champs” podcast and claimed that George died from fentanyl rather than a police officer’s knee cutting off his oxygen. This week, Kanye made multiple anti-Semitic statements, including, “Every superstar has Jewish people in their contract – this is not hate speech, this is the fact,” while emphasizing that he cannot be such a person because he is black.

“And these folks, your career may be finished if you say something out of line with the plan,” the speaker continued. He also noted that he is never referred to in the media as a “tycoon, billionaire, visionary, or inventor,” for example.

In response to the comments, Floyd’s family sued West for $250 million and issued a cease-and-desist letter in the last several hours, asking him to stop spreading untrue information.

The outburst by West was described by the family as “maliciously made accusations that are false and untrue, harming Mr. Floyd’s estate and family.” The final result is that it appears Kanye is clearing the field with Kim Kardashian in order to get ready for a very different kind of conflict.

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