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‘Superfly’ Actor and Rapper Imprisoned to 50 Years of Life for Several Rapes

'Superfly' Actor and Rapper Imprisoned For Rapes

'Superfly' Actor and Rapper Imprisoned For Rapes

The trial of a Los Angeles Superfly actor rapper who was accused of many rapes resulted in a Monday sentencing of 50 years of life in prison without parole. According to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, 27-year-old Kaalan Walker was found guilty on four charges of rape in April. These included three counts of forcible rape, two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of rape while intoxicated.

According to reports, Walker was arrested and released on bond in 2018, but he was ordered imprisoned following sentencing.

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The victims, all of whom were models told police that Walker contacted them via social media and offered to help them with their careers.

‘Superfly’ Actor and Rapper

City News Service stated that Walker would inform his victims there was a music video shoot or that he was going to introduce them to someone prominent in order to entice them to the places.

His victims said to police he s*xually abused them when he was alone with them.

The rapper known as KR released an EP in 2017 and acted as a gang member in the 2018 film “Superfly,” as well as in the 2017 film “Kings,” starring Daniel Craig and Halle Berry.

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