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Cowboys QB Future is More Clear After Eagles’ Loss

Cowboys QB Future is More Clear After Eagles Loss

Cowboys QB Future is More Clear After Eagles Loss

CeeDee Lamb claimed after the game that he was “not telling anyone nothing,” but his postgame locker room comments revealed more. Lamb told Yahoo Sports in the unambiguous past tense, “Cooper [Rush] did everything and exceeded all expectations don’t get me wrong.” We know the deal with 4 [Dak Prescott] when he gets back.

Knowing we’ll soon have our starting quarterback back is good news for us. It won’t be long now. Except for some unforeseen obstacle, it seems to have arrived.

Due to Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys dropped to 3-2 and third place in the NFC East. This is Rush’s first loss in six tries as starting quarterback and five of those have come this season. The Cowboys’ players and coaches all felt that the blame could be spread. Even Nevertheless, Rush didn’t try to cover up his worst statistical performance.

The Eagles were able to intercept three passes and deflect 12 more than Rush attempted. Rush remarked that the picks “clearly” were the determining factor.

“Can’t have those.”

Prescott, meanwhile, told reporters outside the Cowboys’ locker room in the stadium tunnel, “I intend on going this week and trying to get the full week of practice.”

The starting quarterback for the Cowboys had made significant progress in recent days. Prescott’s thumb fracture surgery on September 12 appears to have healed sufficiently for him to resume throwing.

Following the successful removal of his suture on September 26, he experienced no further complications and the swelling in his leg gradually subsided.

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With his grip strength recovering after a fracture, Prescott was able to start grasping a football during Cowboys rehabilitation exercises at practice. This time last week, Prescott was practicing his individual throws. For the first time since his injury, the Cowboys changed his status from “limited” to “limited/practice only” on Thursday.

On Saturday Dak Took the Game More Seriously

On Saturday Dak Took the Game More Seriously

During the 7-on-7 third down and red zone period, “He threw two sequences, two racks of six,” Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy stated on Sunday. I told them they did a fantastic job for him, and we were able to get him to throw 50 times today.

“I thought, clearly, he took the next step.”

Only about three hours before Sunday night’s game, Prescott practiced short and intermediate passes on Lincoln Financial Field. The footwork he used to locate his receivers in the flat and on crosser routes over the middle was quite similar to what he had done before his injury. There were apparently no restrictions left in the playbook for Prescott to do.

He reported that he was in great spirits and was “getting set to go this week” in anticipation of playing the Lions.

A similar time frame to the four to the six-week window that was projected by doctors for Prescott’s recovery after his clean break. Both Prescott and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been vocal about their desire for a quicker recovery.

To paraphrase what Prescott said: “Evidently something was healing, I had plans, bone obviously didn’t have the same plan.” They were repelled, but that was only because I was too eager. That was just like what the doctor and the coaches had in mind.

Next week is when we hope to leave. I wonder if I can pull that off.

Dak’s Return is Crucial at this Time

The game on Sunday night showed the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL how much the team misses its franchise quarterback. The Cowboys started their Monday night game against the Eagles with a tough-to-recover-from sequence of a punt,  interception, turnover on downs, and an interception on third down.

Rush’s 1.0 passer rating seemed like a mistake next to Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts’ 102.8 at halftime. After receiver KaVontae Turpin’s 63-yard kickoff return revitalized Dallas, Rush had only completed one pass of more than 10 yards to his own teammates, an 11-yarder over the middle to rookie tight end Peyton Hendershot. Meanwhile, Eagles defenders had intercepted two passes.

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