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Who Is Sauron From The Rings of Power? Why Does He Hide His Identity?

Who Is Sauron From The Rings of Power? Why Does He Hide His Identity?

Sauron Identity in The Rings of Power

Indeed, Sauron has shown his face. At the end of the first season, The Rings of Power was cryptic about revealing who would become the Dark Lord. The mystery was based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, particularly The Lord of the Rings: In Middle-earth legend, Sauron disguises himself as a “fair” man to mislead the elves into crafting the first three rings of power so that he can get access to their knowledge and secrets.

And while there were a few possibilities presented on the show (the mysterious man who dropped from the sky, the orcish lord-father, and one of the frightening witches who like setting things on fire) Halbrand the long-lost King of the Southlands, has always been considered the most likely possibility. It all seemed a bit too coincidental and lucky when he first saw Galadriel out on the open sea.

In all honesty, the man is fair: he gives off an Aragorn ambiance. Galadriel ultimately transports him to the Elven realm to get a wound tended to. While there, he forms a close relationship with the smith Celebrimbor and offers advice on how to better manufacture mithril. There is not nearly enough of the potent metal the dwarves mined from their caverns. However, they might be able to transform them into… rings?

Galadriel develops suspicions right away and quickly approaches Halbrand. Yes, he is Sauron, he says, and he intends to bring peace to Middle-earth. He invites her to rule with him as his queen. The s*xual tension between them has built up throughout the series, so it’s not an outrageous suggestion.

He also makes the convincing case that, despite his desire for power, she has a good heart and may prevent him from succumbing to evil. Galadriel initially considered Halbrand/proposal, Sauron’s but she eventually turned him down after realizing he conflated “saving” Middle-earth with “governing” it.

Why Did Gil-galad Claim that Galadriel would Resurrect it After Beating The Devil?

King Gil-galad of the elves has earned his title. In the pilot, he foretold that Galadriel, in her pursuit of good, would unwittingly usher in the tremendous evil she sought to destroy. Gil-galad consults with Elrond after he tries to send her away from Middle-earth and back to Valinor to spend the rest of her life there among the elves.

And then, naturally, she does it in the next episode. Despite her best intentions, she unwittingly aids Sauron’s return to power by jumping off the ship that was bringing her away from Middle-earth, where she met Halbrand and ultimately saved his life.

Halbrand Abandoned the Raft and Allowed the others to Drown

Halbrand Abandoned the Raft and Allowed the others to Drown

Stormy weather was the setting for Galadriel’s first meeting with Halbrand. On a raft with a few other people, he was cast adrift. Halbrand leaves the people aboard their ill-fated ship to be devoured by a sea monster. Because he rescues Galadriel, we choose to look over that act of cruelty, even though we now know he intended to use Galadriel for his own ends all along.

We weren’t too saddened by their deaths because we knew they were anti-elf racists (possibly Southlanders who despised the elf soldier, Arondir). However, it is possible to form an opinion of a person (or dark lord) based on their acts, and Halbrand’s first was certainly callous, if not cruel.

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Galádriel is Guided by Halbrand Towards the Direction of the Southlands

This was the season where Galadriel finally got played. Her obsession with finding Sauron blinds her to the possibility that he is right in front of her the whole time. She vents her rage, and Sauron uses it to his advantage.

He tells her that her enemy is in the Southlands when she questions him on the raft, setting in motion a chain of events that ends with the Nmenóreans traveling to the Southlands at Galadriel’s behest and suffering heavy casualties during the building of Mount Doom.

Halbrand Had a Criminal Past

Halbrand Had a Criminal Past

Halbrand informs Galadriel, “I am not the hero you desire,” during their candid conversation in a Nmenórean prison. He says this in the context of his alleged forefathers’ oaths of allegiance to Morgoth, the Dark Lord. (That was actually accomplished by Sauron himself.) Galadriel would have been wise to take this advice.

Galadriel tells Adar, an elf deceived by black magic who believes he murdered Sauron, to “be free of it,” after Halbrand and Galadriel arrest him as the orc-father.

In response, he says, “I never believed I could be until today,” which may be an allusion to his troubled history with Adar.

From Where Halbrand Stole The Southlands king’s Symbol?

This man was telling the truth. Since the last of the family perished a millennium ago, Sauron must have been keeping the insignia in his possession for countless aeons, simply waiting to use it on the elves. Sneaky.

If Halbrand had wanted to, he could have replaced the weapon before handing it to Theo. Eventually, Galadriel and Halbrand are successful in capturing Adar and retrieving what they believe to be the weapon that Theo discovered: a tool of Sauron that serves as the key that sets off the eruption of Mount Doom. To deceive his captors, Adar is actually carrying a replica of the tool he gave to one of his disciples.

It’s hard to believe that neither Halbrand nor Galadriel investigated the bundle that was supposed to contain the tool before Galadriel returned it to Theo. That Halbrand stole it from Adar and kept it is established fact. Adar’s trick was probably obvious to him, yet he probably let it happen nevertheless. One wonders why Galadriel didn’t verify the contents of the cloth before using it.

Adar Repeatedly Tried to get Halbrand to Confess his true Identity

The exact nature of Halbrand/connection Sauron to Adar remains unclear. Adar, an elf, fell under the spell of an evil sorcerer. In service to Morgoth, he claims to have murdered Sauron.

He does not identify Halbrand as Sauron but still, he sets in motion the events that lead to the destruction of the Southlands and the creation of Mordor, presumably at the direction of his master, Sauron. Adar even challenges Halbrand, asking him to reveal his identity, but Halbrand remains evasive.

How Galadriel Became One of the Most Interesting People in Lord of the Rings?

Adar, Halbrand explains in the finale, was an enemy to both him and Galadriel. If this is the case, then perhaps Adar did make an attempt on Sauron’s life. Simply put, he failed.

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