How Much Weight Did Chicago Med’s Marlyne Loss?

One cast member of Chicago Med’s season 8 become the topic of discussion after the first season was released. Who is she, and why she is in the headlines? She is your favorite Maggie AKA Marlena Barrett.

Her look changes now as her previous look that’s why she attended to her fans. People start different things saying to Maggie but to know the truth behind her change look read this post completely.

Who Is Marlyne Barrett?

Marlyne was born on 13 September 1978 in Brooklyn New York, her real name is Marlyne Nayokah Affleck. She starts her acting career in stage drama and in the 90’s cast by VJ TV station Mosque Plus in Canada. After then she appeared in many shows as a guest.

Her famous show as a guest is Mariska Hargitay‘s Law & Order: SVU, The Wire, Conviction, Damages, and American Crime, etc. Later in 2003, she get a role on the big screen in “Love S*x and Eating The Bones.” 

maggie on chicago med weight loss
“I had a tendency to do what I call all or nothing at all,” says Maggie

But in 2015 she come back to television on the NBC drama series “Chicago Med” and her character Maggies get positive reviews. From the first season til now, she is connected with the show continuously. Her husband’s name is Gavin William Barrett, they get married in 2009.

Why Marlyne Barrett Weight Loss?

As the Chicago Med was released fans start talking about Barrett’s new and slim look. Definitely, she lost her weight which she does not confess to herself. But it is appreciable such a slim look at 44.

But to achieve this change she work hard a lot and denied her favorite food like pizza, burgers, and other street food. With her weight, her other disease also went away as she start healthy dieting.

“I had a tendency to do what I call all or nothing at all,” says Maggie, a nurse. “I would either be very rigorous and almost not eat enough, and then I’d get really hungry, and then I’d go binge on pizza or whatever other foods I had been trying to avoid. There was a tendency to want to get the weight off fast, wanting quick results, but not really [be] able to stick with it because it was too strict.”

“I finally realized it wasn’t a time-limited thing. It wasn’t like, ‘Well, I’m going to be really good and stay on this food plan now until I get the weight off.’ It was more a realization that ‘You know, if I want to weigh 130 to 135 pounds, then I have to do these things. I can’t stop doing them just because I lose weight.”

“So it became much more of a lifestyle change than a temporary diet. The idea that somehow I could go back to my old ways was just not there anymore.”

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Was it Easy to Loss Weight For Her?

When you decide to do something definitely barriers come their way, though Maggie also faces some problems. Because it is not easy to refuse your favorite food but Maggie did it possible. First of all, she prepared herself then make a diet plan and follow it strictly.

From the beginning connected with a program and set her goal. She set her goal of 50 pontes per week 1 or 2 pounds and with only a one-time meal. She changed her intention towards food, “I don’t feel good now if I don’t eat right. And when I say ‘right,’ I mean ‘healthy,'” she says.

“Nothing anybody else said to me or suggested to me had any impact until I decided for myself that I needed to do something about my weight and that it was worth it,” she says. 

Maggie’s Diet Plan

If we want to achieve something then we have a plan first of all. Maggie did the same and her plan is to start with only one time fed. “I don’t eat the way I used to. It’s a matter of making choices every day. One day I might decide to eat more than another day, and that’s okay, as long as I’m paying attention,” she says.

Here I explain to her all points for weighing losing, what she eats and what is denied.

  • Only one-time Meal, “See it as a journey with a destination,” Maggie says.
  • To choose anything to drink or eat read its calories and other ingredients percentage.
  • Say no to drinks that have added sugar.
  • If you want to eat something sweet then choose fruit.
  • Make a balance diet chart.

Other Minor Changes in Lifestyle

If you start overweighting then it is very difficult to control it. Totally change your shape. As Maggie says “I’m an old backpacker,” and “I like to cross-country ski. I like to hike. And quite frankly, it was getting harder and harder. It was getting to the point where I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I’d go out snow-shoeing on the side of a mountain, and I’d be out of breath and way far behind the people I went with.”

Including being overweight, she had another problem with blood press is high and her sugar is also not normal as her doctor recommended her. She also suffers from asthma. “The more weight I had on, the more difficult breathing was. It definitely impacted my activity level.”

 With this shape she can’t enjoy her outside events so, that’s the thing that supports her in losing weight.

As her plan starts working she gets more inspiration.”After I lost about 35 pounds, 40 pounds … I was, like, sprinting up that mountain and not even feeling it. It was just an unbelievable change in my ability to exercise and to enjoy being outside and doing things.”

Although she also suggests that it means is not you can never eat your favorite food but include it once a time in month or two times fix it and have it in a small part. As she likes pizza but now eats it in small quantities. “I have what I call my worth-it foods,” says Maggie. “I eat hamburgers, with lean meat, and I make them at home on the grill.”

Sweet like cake is also a favorite for everyone so enjoy it with small pieces, and enjoy outside food but in limited.

“To say I would never have cake again would be a very dangerous thing,” she says. “The minute I say that to myself, the opposition starts up. ‘Oh, yes I am. I’m going to have one.’ If I know I’m going to a birthday party and there’s going to be cake there, I decide ahead of time if I’m going to have a piece of cake or not. I don’t have other (treats) that day. If I get there and it’s a kind of cake I don’t like, then I don’t have it.”

For example when she got to the restaurant to eat then ordered to pack her half-plate food before being served so she can eat it tomorrow. “You stay away from the fried foods and heavy sauces.” Eat vegetables without butter and masala sauces.

“I used to put globs of mayonnaise on stuff, globs of butter. Now I’ll eat fresh vegetables with no butter on them, just steamed. And they’re delicious. But it takes a while. It takes maybe 1 to 3 months to really begin to notice that.”

How Exercise Helps her to Maintain her Weight?

Exercise must be included in your daily lifestyle activities doesn’t matter if you are on diet or not. For an attractive body shape and to remain active all day, exercise plays a big role. According to her chart 45 minutes for 3 or 4 days a week you must do exercise. And increased it time slowly with the time you feel flexible with everything.

“One of the (motivators) for me was all the praise and comments people have made to me. My friends will comment, ‘Gee, you really eat healthily.’ They notice that I get salads and fruits and vegetables. I don’t eat junk. That feels good. Other people will say, ‘How did you do that, Maggie?'”

I hope this story gives you inspiration for yourself. Hope you like this useful information. Stay tuned with us for more useful updates like this.

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