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“House of Dragon” Episode 8 Recap and Reactions

"House of Dragon" Episode 8 Recap and Reactions

Hay fans, welcome back to House of the Dragon episode 8, where you see many years spent and younger cast like Rhaenyra, Alicent, and Daemon’s kids grown up. But another side their parents remain at the same age. Here recap is available in episode 8, read it carefully.

In this episode, you can see with Princess Rhaenys comes to know that her king, Lord Corlys, get injured in a battle. Although the previous six did not meet him she is ready for the plot. Now Laenor is their next leader and then Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys. But Corlys’s other brother Vaemond Velaryon denied this because Laenor’s sons are not his own blood and why another dynasty ruled at Driftmark?

Vaemond put himself first as a king, but Rhaenys think she is first. Now it become more interesting to see who will be the next king and queen.

Baela, who is with Rhaenys  Driftmark warned her about Vaemond intentions towards the king’s throne,  “matters of succession, rights, and the sanctity of blood.”  Next, we see that Targaryen house in Dragnstone, and there Jacaerys learning High Valyrian from Joffery’s grand master. In between Rhaenyra expecting another child. Now Rhaenyra and her husband went to the king.

They find Viserys who is in a very critical condition, losing hair, purple skin, and brown nails not able to recognize Rhaenyra. She and Daemon inform him why they were here, her both sons, Viserys and Aegon have their blood and they are able to get the throne next. Then Diana comes there, who is a servant’s daughter claimed him for sexual harassment.

But Alicent scold her by saying, “It wasn’t your fault. I believe you.” But the queen is also afraid to think about what happened if the news gets out. So she gave money to Diana and a special tea so that she abort her baby. Then Aegon also scolds her as she found him naked in bed, but he denied Daina’s claim. But to hear this she slept with him and said, “You are no son of mine.”  

Luke and Jace present around Red Keep, and everyone’s eyes are on them, Luke said, “No one would question my being heir to Driftmark if I looked more like Ser Laenor Velaryon than Ser Harwin Strong.”

Prince Aemond’s war skills improved and then one more character enter King landing, Vaemond Velaryon. Rhaenyara is selected as the next leader, she sports Luke for the throne. Now her children inherited the Driftoman throne as well as the Driftwood throne. Rhaenyra went to her father and questioned him, “The Song of Ice and Fire, do you believe it to be true?” 

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She gets emotional and described her childhood story. He said about the crown “I thought I wanted it.” But the princess is not able to please  “If you wish me to bear it, then defend me and my children.” The whole family comes with her. But before Rhaenyara, King Viserys take a king look with his accessories and crown, and his Opera mask come there and sits on the throne.

Luke said, “No one would question my being heir to Driftmark if I looked more like Ser Laenor Velaryon than Ser Harwin Strong.”

He announced the next leader as Rhaenys, whose children married Laena’s children. Vaemond was not happy with this decision and called Rhaenyra’s children bastards and abusive princes. Then a blood fight starts there and Daemon attacked Vaemond face and slices it with the sword.

After this fight, Targaryen and Hightower’s families come together for dinner, and there the king removed his mask and finds that he was totally turned into a skeleton.

“I wish you to see me as I am. Not just a king but your father, your brother, your husband, your grandsire, who may not it seems walk for much longer among you,” the king says. 

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