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Marvel Just Added Another Member to the Hulk Family

Skaar Son Of Hulk

Skaar Son Of Hulk

Do You know who is Skaar son of the Hulk? If not then read here:  Despite living on She-Hulk, family get-togethers still manage to surprise everyone. Whose parents will embarrass themselves more on the dance floor? Who’s uncle is most likely to overindulge in the free bar? Who within the extended family will surprise us with a son we’ve never met before who possesses extraterrestrial power capable of destroying the Earth?

If the conclusion of She-storyline Hulk’s with a surprise guest at the Walters/Banner family reunion seems far-fetched, it’s simply because you haven’t seen the show enough.

To fulfill a promise made in the second episode, She-Hulk used one of its final moments to reveal why Bruce had left for space in the first place. Bruce leaves Earth, and returns with a relatively smaller but still large adult (teen?) son from another planet; the brief shot of the green-skinned Skaar (an all-CGI character with no dialogue, but credited to Stargirl actor Wil Deusner) alluded to but did not explain what happened between these two events.

Consequently, we must once again rely on comic books to provide us with the historical background of the Skaar.

Who is Skaar Son of the Hulk?

Son Of Hulk

Skaar’s introduction in She-Hulk was a shocking turn, but readers familiar with the character from previous Hulk books will know that he has a rich and nuanced backstory that has direct relevance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The “Planet Hulk” storyline from 2006 is the genesis of Skaar in the comics. In the Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti-penned issue, the heroes of Earth finally had enough of Bruce Banner’s frequent outbursts of Hulked-out wrath and plotted to send him packing to a faraway galaxy by deceiving him into an interplanetary journey. In the end, he arrived on the brutal planet of Sakaar, where kidnapped alien warriors engaged in bloody gladiatorial contests.

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At various points over the course of the next year and a half of comics, the Hulk was depicted as an arena champion, the leader of a band of rebel warriors fighting against their brutal society, and the victorious ruler of a free Sakaar, only to be rendered a fugitive once more when the shuttle that brought him to the planet exploded, destroying the capital city.

If this seems vaguely familiar, it’s because the tragic backstory of Planet Hulk was recycled to construct a memorable road trip buddy comedy between Banner and the God of Thunder in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. However, until recently, the most hilarious source material for the film was missing from audiences’ hands: The comic book Hulk’s counterpart met and married fellow rebel Caiera the Oldstrong while they were both residents of Sakaar; however, they both perished in the planet’s destruction. but not before having left behind two boys who are still alive and quite angry.

Who is Caiera the Oldstrong?

All right, I get the “Hulk has a son?” skepticism. that the Hulk fucks is canon, which begs the question, “With who?” Please don’t get all Mallrats on me, though.

A native Sakaarian and a rebel commander, Caiera was one of the few people on her planet with the capacity to harness the earth’s energy to boost her own strength, stamina, and durability. She fused with the planet to protect her unborn children from the destruction of Sakaar.

More About Children  of Hulk

Skaar, the oldest of these guys, has the more significant past in terms of the Hulk. Skaar grew up amid the rubble of his society’s collapse and harbours a grudge towards his absent father. Thus, Skaar accompanied the Hulk back to Earth in 2007’s “World War Hulk” storyline, sworn to avenge himself on the heroes who had exiled him. Jen Walters, drawn to the boy by some mix of familial ties and gamma-tracking Hulk-sense, was the first to meet him following his arrival. Anyway, the fight they had at first was just a diversion; Skaar’s real target was Bruce Sr.

Unfortunately, his arrival coincided with the time that Banner’s superpowers were briefly drained and he was forced to assume a human form. Since it wouldn’t be sporting to murder dad without giving him a fair fight, Banner and his semi-savage son Skaar formed an unexpected father-son duo, with Skaar trying to learn from his tutor, although swearing to fulfill his revenge as soon as Banner got Hulked-out again.

Hulk’s Son

This She-Hulk series has a tension-filled but ultimately joyful Odd Couple dynamic. A lot of emotional territory in Jen Walters’ life has been covered in the first season so far: dating, finding one’s identity, accepting one’s body, and the difficulties of dressing appropriately for work when you’re occasionally pummelling by Asgardian construction workers.

Still, at its core, the story has always been about the importance of family and the struggle to accept one’s heroic destiny. Both of these are things that Bruce, Jen’s cousin, wanted her to learn from the show’s pilot, and it makes logical that Bruce would take on another relative as a protégé, even if it does add another twist to the already tangled and chaotic Banner family tree.

Family dynamics in Marvel Comics are notoriously complex, and Hulk and Skaar’s father-son bonding vacation was no exception. Hiro-Kala, Hulk’s second kid, whose life on Sakaar was far more tormented and lonely than his brother’s, was the essential piece of the problem.

Hiro-Kala, who was never as powerful as Skaar and who endured a miserable childhood, would become insane and travel to Earth in search of vengeance. Having him defeated by Hulk and Skaar brought the father and son together and put a stop to their long-running love-hate relationship.

Skaar’s role in the comics has diminished since then, as the Hulk books have attempted to reduce the amount of gamma-powered side characters surrounding Bruce and Jen. During a time when the villainous Dark Avengers were stepping in for Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts, he joined up with Cage and helped babysit for them. Not long after that, the Hulk, channeling his duplicitous alter ego Doc Green, defeated Skaar. A sage reader would have shrugged their shoulders, smiled weakly, and whispered “comics!” at this point.

But nothing lasts forever in the world of superhero fiction, and the appearance of She-Hulk this week serves as a gentle reminder of the ties that bind the Hulk family and the turbulent past that threatens to tear them apart. If you ask me, that’s a great teaser for season two!

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