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Who Is Skaar From Marvel Comics? Biography, Potential and Weaknesses

Skaar Marvel

Skaar Marvel

Skaar Banner is a superhero from American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the son of the Hulk, and the Hulk had an otherworldly fling with Caiera in 2006–2007, giving birth to Skaar. Originating in What If? Planet Hulk #1, is the brainchild of creators Greg Pak and John Romita Jr. (cover-dated December 2007).

Skaar first appeared in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013–2015) and will next be seen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) by Wil Deusner, both of which are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Skaar’s Biography

Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong have a son named Skaar. Born on Caiera’s homeworld of Sakaar during the Hulk’s stay, he was named after the Hulk. In the wake of the Hulk’s departure from Earth, Skaar emerged from a cocoon looking and acting like a human preteen. In only a year, he appeared to have reached the physical maturity of a teenager. Skaar quickly matured into an adult in both look and mental capacity.

Skaar was raised by the barbaric species of his home planet, where killing was an integral part of daily life. He proves himself a formidable general, and Axeman Bone soon finds himself in his crosshairs. At a later point, he learns to harness the planet’s kinetic energy by harnessing the “Old Power,” which is based on stones.

Despite the fact that Skaar’s mother Caiera had been presumed dead, he was able to have a conversation with her hereafter self. He wages war against Axeman Bone, but his efforts do little more than buy time as Galactus, the devourer of worlds, draws nearer to wiping out his home planet. Caiera removes the Old Power from Skaar as she tries to reason with Galactus because the planet has enough energy to satisfy his desire for a hundred thousand years.

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Skaar tells Caiera that he tried to rid the world of evil. Skaar destroys the evacuation ships after the Silver Surfer returns his Old Power and shows him a vision of the death and destruction of Sakaar. If the Surfer does not spare his planet, he will utilize the Old Power to make Galactus even hungrier and put all planets at risk, including the ones the Surfer has previously saved.

The Surfer leaves after warning the citizens of Sakaar that protecting them will result in the destruction of countless planets. Caiera condemns Skaar’s choice and takes on some of his Old Power. She kicks him off Sakaar and waits for Galactus to eat her.

Skaar’s History

In “What If?” Planet Hulk #1, Skaar made his debut (Dec. 2007). Later, in World War Hulk #5 (January 2008), by Greg Pak and John Romita, Jr., Skaar made his canonical debut. After that, from 2008-2009, he headlined Pak’s 12-issue ongoing series Skaar: Son of Hulk.

Once Skaar arrived on Earth at the end of the “Planet Skaar” narrative arc, the book’s title was changed to Son of Hulk and the focus shifted to Hiro-Kala, another son of Bruce Banner, by new writer Paul Jenkins, beginning with issue #13. Up until issue #17, the series was active. Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk, a miniseries connected to the Realm of Kings event, continues the story of Hiro-Kala begun in these issues.

Since Greg Pak took over The Incredible Hulk with issue #601, Skaar has linked himself with a diminished Bruce Banner.


Skaar’s Potentials and Skills

Skaar received his abilities from both of his parents, albeit they had been depleted by the time he was a child. Powers like superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and healing, as well as heightened senses, are all in his genetic makeup, just like his famous father’s. Even though he wasn’t as powerful as the Savage Hulk form, when he gets angry his strength increases to the point where he could break the Juggernaut’s armor.

Skaar inherited Old Power, a synthetic form of the Power Cosmic that is exceedingly unstable, from his mother, Caiera, and uses it to control lava and stone. With one chi-punch, Iron Fist knocks him out cold. In times of peace or when he was unable to use his powers, he could also transform back into a human. However, Skaar emerged from the depths of “fire waters” in his birth cocoon and developed a resistance to the great heat.

Skaar’s Multiple Alternatives

A 21-year-old Skaar made a brief, shadowy appearance at the end of 2007 What If? storyline “What if Caiera the Oldstrong had survived the devastation of Sakaar instead of the Hulk?”

Skaar’s Weaknesses

The Muramasa Blade, which nullifies superhuman healing factors, could have killed Skaar. Daken managed to gravely hurt him with the blade.

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