Ark Pass Season 2 Game: Premium Pass and Mission Details

Ark Pass Season 2 launched on October 12 and features new methods for gamers to earn significant rewards simply by playing Lost Ark. There are 30 levels in the Ark Pass that players can advance through by completing missions, and at each level, players gain access to a new set of prizes.

Pheons, honing material selection crates, pirate coins, and even a Legendary Card Pack are just some of the goodies you may get with the normal Ark Pass, which is available for no cost at all. You can achieve Ark Pass progress for your whole squad, but the awards are only available to specific players.

While all players will have access to the free Ark Pass, individuals who are interested in additional cosmetics and awards can use Royal Crystals to unlock the Premium and Super Premium reward tracks. In addition to the free goodies, the Premium Ark Pass provides rewards at each of the 30 levels.

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The Icebloom Deer Mount is just one example among many more, such as additional chests with a broader variety of honing materials, as well as battle items, rapport chests, and more

Ark Pass Season 2 Game: Premium Pass and Mission Details
Ark Pass Season 2 Players

In addition to the Regular and Premium rewards, the Super Premium Ark Pass also includes the Void Hall Wallpaper, a Legendary Card Pack, and the whole Respite and Glory skin set throughout its 30 levels.

The in-game Premium and Super Premium Ark Passes will be sold until December 14, 2022, and players will have until January 18, 2023, to complete their current missions. Much appreciate your help! Come to Arkesia, where we shall wait for you.

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