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Who Is Even Peter Dating 2022? Is He Single?

Who Is Even Peter Dating 2022?

Who Is Even Peter Dating 2022?

Evan Peters is a very well-known actor in Hollywood. American Horror Story, WandaVision, X-Men: Apocalypse and Mare of Easttown were the projects that brought him the most recognition. His most recent appearance was in Netflix’s original series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story.

Over the course of his career, the Hollywood actor has been romantically linked to a handful of stunning women in the entertainment industry. Read on to learn about Evan Peters’s past, present and future relationships.

Early Life Of Evan Peters

On January 20, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri the world was graced with the arrival of Evan Thomas Peters, the son of Phil Peters (a vice president of administration at the private Michigan foundation named “Charles Stewart Mott”) and Julie Peters (a homemaker).

Due to his family’s Roman Catholic upbringing in the Ballwin suburbs, he went to a Catholic elementary school. Peters’ half-sister Michelle is the sibling of her brother Andrew.

Peters attended Grand Blanc Community High School after relocating to Grand Blanc, Michigan with his family in 2001. He embarked on a career as a full-time model while simultaneously taking acting classes in his area. After attending Burbank High School for a year, he decided to pursue a homeschooling curriculum during his sophomore year.

Peters and his mom moved to Hollywood when he was 15 so he could try his luck in show business. It was there that Peters decided to begin his acting training.

Evan Peters Professional Beginnings

Almost immediately after moving to California, Peters began going to auditions for TV shows and commercials. Peters first appeared on screen in the 2004 drama film Clipping Adam. After that, from 2005 to 2006, he was the lead in the ABC science fiction series Invasion.

Throughout the years 2004–2010, Peters starred in a slew of national commercials for household names like Kellogg’s, Papa John’s Pizza and PlayStation. At the time, he was also known for his reoccurring roles on Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future and The CW’s One Tree Hill.

Peters went on to star in a number of films as a supporting character over the next few years, including An American Crime (2007), Gardens of the Night (2008), Never Back Down (2008), Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011) and Kick-Ass (2010).

Who Is Even Peter Dating 2022?

Is Evan Peters Dating Someone?

It is currently unknown whether or not Evan Peters is in a relationship, which could either mean that he is currently single or that he is very good at hiding his relationship from the public.

If this is the case, the actor has never before kept a romantic relationship out of the public eye. Despite walking the red carpet alone, Evan was seen with a girl at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Is Evan Peters Single?

Given that he hasn’t been spotted with anyone so far this year, it seems safe to assume that the actor is currently single. He attended the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party by himself despite being photographed with Frances Mairead whom some have speculated he may be dating but nothing has been confirmed.

Since he hasn’t been coy about discussing his previous relationships, it’s safe to assume he’s single at the moment. If he is in a relationship, he is keeping it very private.
He appears to want nothing more from a partner than someone who will be understanding of his needs and desires.

In a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, the actor said:

Girls, who, I guess, give me a chance, you know? Even if I make a fool of myself, fall down, stain my shirt or otherwise embarrass her, she doesn’t mind. She has no problem with that and agrees to give me another chance to get over my shyness and speak up.

Many young women simply aren’t interested in that at all. But there are a lot of women in the world who do and they’re the only ones I can seriously date. The first chance isn’t enough for me.

Who Has Evan Peters Dated?

Emma Roberts: 2012-2019

Peters’s relationship with famous actress Emma Roberts has lasted the longest but it hasn’t been without its share of difficulties. They started dating after meeting in February 2012 on the set of Adult World. And after dating for a whole year, Peters popped the question in 2013.

Who Is Even Peter Dating 2022?

After calling off their engagement in 2015, the two got back together in 2016 — but only after three months. They got back in touch nine months later but their on-again, the off-again relationship finally ended in March of this year.

After becoming pregnant, Roberts broke up with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

Halsey: 2019-2020

The actor and singer Halsey were seen at Six Flags in September of 2019. The following month, they made their first public appearance dressed in full disco garb at the party celebrating American Horror Story’s 100th episode.

Earlier in 2013, Halsey had tweeted multiple times with the hashtags “Petition for Evan Peters to date me” and “I just want cookies and Evan Peters,” expressing her undying love for the actor.

Who Is Even Peter Dating in 2022?

After appearing to be on good terms for some time and even having Peters join the singer on tour, the couple ultimately decided to split up in March 2020. While the reasons for their split remain unclear, Halsey did remove all Instagram photos featuring her and Peters.


Evan Peters grew up in Michigan after being born in St. Louis, Missouri. He headed to Hollywood at the tender age of 15 to try his hand at the acting business. He has guest-starred on shows like X-Men: Apocalypse, WandaVision and Mare Of Easttown as well as American Horror Story. The actor Evan Peters’ current relationship status is unknown.

For him, this would be the first attempt at keeping a relationship under wraps. Since he hasn’t been spotted with anyone, we can assume he’s single, but if he is in a relationship, he’s keeping it under wraps. After three years of dating, the couple decided to split up in March 2019.

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