Elon Musk Jokes He Released Perfume To Pay For His Recent Purchase of Twitter

Musk claims to have released a new scent called “Burnt Hair” and sold $1 million worth of the perfume in days, giving him his very own musk.

“Please buy my perfume, so I can buy Twitter,” he wrote on the platform Wednesday.

Musk is planning to acquire Twitter for $44 billion by the end of the month. If not, the November trial for the breach of contract suit related to the on-again, the off-again deal will go through.

On Wednesday night, SpaceX’s founder said that he had sold 20,000 bottles of the fragrance.

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Given my name, I suppose I should have known better than to resist entering the perfume trade for so long. On Twitter, he joked around.

A pinned tweet from the world’s richest man advertises his new career as a “Perfume Salesman,” and his bio on Twitter now reads “Perfume Salesman.”

In the advertisement, the perfume comes in a deep red bottle with the brand name embossed on the front.

The slogan is “The Very Heart of Repugnant Desire.” In stores, each bottle will set you back $100.

Musk is used to his jokes being shared by his millions of followers and spreading like wildfire online. The billionaire is known for marketing offbeat items that reflect his eccentric sense of humor.

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