How Many Kids Does Late Angela Lansbury Have?

Besides being the mother of three, famed actress and ‘Murder, She Wrote’ icon Angela Lansbury worked in the entertainment industry for nearly seven decades. What you need to know about  Angela Lansbury Kids is detailed below:

Angela Lansbury was a Hollywood star for over seventy years before she passed away on October 11, 2022. She starred in the CBS series Murder, She Wrote from 1984 to 1996. In addition, she was married to the late actor and producer Peter Shaw. They brought up three kids, including Peter’s son from a previous marriage. See the stunning members of their family down below:

Angela Lansbury Children
Angela Lansbury Children

You can also read about these celebs’ personal life and other important details:

David C. Shaw

Angela adopted David Shaw, now 78 years old, as a son when she and Peter Shaw tied the knot in 1949. Peter and Mercia Squires had their first child, David, in California. The late actress and her husband had a son named David who was already five years old when they tied the knot.

The 78-year-old also has a reputation in the entertainment industry for his work as a production manager and producer, as seen by his extensive credits.

He is well-known for his work on the 1999 film The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, which starred Angela, and for his appearances on the TV series Murder, She Wrote. David’s first wife was 68-year-old actress Catherine Bach, with whom he shared a marriage from 1976 to 1981. We only know that Peter’s son did not have any kids, but other than that, we don’t know anything about him.

Anthony Pullen Shaw

Angela Lansbury and Anthony Pullen Shaw
Angela Lansbury and Anthony Pullen Shaw

Anthony Shaw, now 70 years old, was born to Angela and Peter on January 7, 1952. About three years after his parent’s marriage, he was born in Los Angeles. Similar to his famous parents, Anthony followed a Hollywood-based career path. According to his IMDb page, he is a director and actor best known for his roles in films including A Bridge Too Far, The Spy Who Loved Me, North Sea Hijack, and The Martian Chronicles.

In 1980, Anthony wed Lee Speer Webster, and they have been together ever since. Ian Lansbury (now 33), Peter John Shaw (now 39), and Katherine Shaw (now 37) are the children of this union. Since Anthony’s siblings did not produce any offspring, Angela has no further grandkids.

Deidre Angela Shaw

Deidre Angela Shaw
Deidre Angela Shaw

Peter and Angela Shaw’s lone child is Deidre Shaw, who is 69 years old. She entered the world on April 26, 1953, hardly more than a year after her older brother Anthony. While the rest of her family went into show business, Deidre took a different route and became a chef.

She and her husband, Enzo Battarra, had an Italian eatery under the name Enzo & Angela, but it appears to be no longer in business. Angela and her family frequently appear in images posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account. Family and friends of Angela’s were spotted at Diedre’s on June 27. The photo was labeled with the words “La. Famiglia.”

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