What Happened At The End of The Midnight Club?

In The Midnight Club, directed by Mike Flanagan, terminally ill patients at the Brightcliffe hospice congregate around the scary table to share ghostly tales, adding a terrifying twist to the teen drama genre. Here you will read all details relating to The Midnight Club ending?

However, what transpires when the horror permeates into actual life, rather than remaining confined to hushed rumors amongst close friends?

What, more importantly, transpires when Ilonka (Iman Benson), despite warnings to the contrary, insists on visiting a cult-like alternative treatment facility?

Ilonka’s search for sobriety takes a sinister turn. There’s a lot to wrap your head around, what with the ritual sacrifices, the poisonings, and the ghosts that do more than simply bump in the night.

The consequences of the teachings exploited by the Paragon cult are lethal. Who will make it out of this mess unscathed, and what is Dr. Georgina Stanton’s role, exactly? Now is as good a time as any to offer an explanation.

Midnight Club Ending Explained

Many of us are still scratching our heads over the unexpected cliffhanger at the end of The Midnight Club, wondering who the hell Georgina Stanton (Heather Langenkamp) actually is. We’ll have to briefly cover the second-to-last episode before diving into that juicy tidbit, though.

Ilonka, Shasta (Samantha Sloyan), and the other three of the five sisters attempted a horrific ceremony that nearly killed them all in an effort to stave off death’s cold grasp.

Remember how Ilonka came to the Brighcliffe hospice in 1968 looking for the enigmatic Julia Jayne? She wasn’t there to die, but rather to learn more about the woman who had experienced a remarkable recovery from cancer while receiving treatment there.

Ilonka persisted until she learned that Julia Jayne had taken ideas from the Paragon, a sect that had once lived in the Brightcliffe area.

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Shasta maintains that Julia only supported the idea of the five sisters, that the power of the ancient Greek gods known as the five sisters could be drawn on via ceremony, even though the Paragon had sullied their name with the blood of the 12 members they sacrificed.

Shasta, who eventually reveals her true identity to be Julia, assures Ilonka that she can help the group recover.

Desperate, Ilonka is eager to go along with this line of thinking and, after the Midnight Club party has gone to bed, she and Shasta and three other ladies sneak into Brightcliffe.

Shasta felt that the location of Brightcliffe was spiritually crucial to the process of recovery, and she believed that it would need the combined efforts of her five sisters to bring about this change.

But right off the bat, Ilonka senses something is off because some of Shasta’s instructions diverge from those she had given her previously when they were attempting to heal Anya and had failed (Ruth Codd).

The blood shed by the five sisters’ slashed hands was applied to Shasta’s forehead rather than Ilonka’s, and no personal goods were offered as a sacrifice.

Because its intended application (on the sick person’s head) raises suspicions. In a ritual centered on Ilonka and her pals, wouldn’t Ilonka be the one to get tacky blood thumbprints on her head?

Yes, in a nutshell. It appears that Shasta has been using Ilonka as a pawn all along, taking advantage of their friendship and Ilonka’s frailties to reenter Brightcliffe and repeat the ritual that healed her the first time.

But this isn’t even the most shocking part. The three other women who drink the tea have violent vomiting episodes after drinking it due to its poisonous characteristics. Thankfully for Ilonka, her doubts gave Georgina enough time to barge in and tell her she shouldn’t drink it. She sees the terrible consequences firsthand.

During the ensuing battle, Shasta manages to get away, and Georgina and Ilonka administer CPR on the women, saving their lives.

Midnight Club
Midnight Club

What Happened to Julia Jayne After She Vanished?

What happened to Julia between the time she went missing from Brightcliffe while sick and the time she returned completely recovered had previously been left unanswered; this new information bridges that gap.

In the ten days that Julia was absent, she contacted the now-defunct Paragon commander Regina Ballard, also known as Aceso.

Aceso was sent to a mental institution after the deaths of her fellow cult members were attributed to the blood sacrifices she had performed.

Athena, the woman who would become the woman’s daughter, rescued the kids and took them to safety before reporting their mother to authorities for her erratic behavior.

Years after she had been ‘cured’ of her mental illness, Julia, who had always held her in high regard, approached her.

Even though Aceso promised to assist, it remains unclear what Julia had to give up in order to be healed.

Given Aceso’s sacrifice and Shasta’s attempts to poison Ilonka and co., it’s likely that blood was shed in exchange for health, but whose? Possibly one for the second season!

Is There a Happy Ending For Ilonka and Kevin?

Yes! It’s high time, too. Kevin’s (Igby Rigney) decision to remain with his high school sweetheart despite his undeniable feelings for Ilonka despite the fact that they are both on their last legs is both noble and insane.

He ultimately pushes Katherine (Emilija Baranac) out of the way, and Ilonka doesn’t waste any time putting the moves on him.

Who is Georgina Stanton?

Georgina Stanton
Georgina Stanton

It would be an understatement to suggest that Dr. Stanton is not all he seems. At first glance, she seems like a normal, sympathetic doctor who lost her son to cancer and can therefore relate to these teenagers.

The depth of her secrets has just been revealed. She first denied Ilonka’s inquiries into her knowledge of the Paragon, but their subsequent chat indicates that she knew a great deal more.

In fact, whenever Shasta tries to reenact their old rite, she is met with a broom to the face. She explains to Ilonka that she kept quiet about her knowledge of the group so as not to give hope to the hopeless, but the truth is more nuanced.

It turns out Georgina has much closer ties to the Paragon than she let on, as she, too, has the hourglass tattooed on her skull (albeit it is covered by her wig).

There’s a good chance that Georgina is actually Aceso’s daughter. The Midnight Society stresses the fact that Athena’s whereabouts have been a mystery for a long time. Perhaps Athena or Georgina established herself at Brightcliffe to prevent Julia and others who shared her mother’s ideas from once again performing rituals at the “holy” site.

The fact that Athena (born in 1924) appears to be in her fifties when we meet her in The Midnight Club, set in the 1990s, is a major stumbling block for those who want to think this notion is real.

It’s possible that Aceso’s ritual did the trick. Instead of bestowing longevity onto her, however, the “gift” was instead passed on to her daughter, who was presumably more virtuous.

Where Did the Other People from Brightcliffe Go?

It would appear that the youngsters with terminal illnesses received the message they had been hoping for from beyond. The members of the Midnight Club were devastated by Anya’s death after the unsuccessful ritual. Not even Ilonka, her dorm mate, could compare.

They agreed that whoever went first would leave a signal for the others. While Tristan’s early demise prevented this from happening, Anya appears to be more resilient.

Ilonka, feeling particularly blue, gets the honor of telling her friends that a broken ballerina figurine has been miraculously mended.

Sandra got better after performing the same process that didn’t seem to help in the first place. Sandra (Annarah Cymone), who left Brightcliffe at the end of the season, received the news from Dr. Stanton.

Despite this, her “healing” is blamed on a faulty diagnosis because the ritual was performed before the lab results and testing confirmed that she was ill but not dying. Those who were skeptical at first were won over by this reality, but the Georgina-Athena revelation has thrown some doubt into this.

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