Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer Teases Music Man Number and More

At New York Comic Con, HBO Max revealed the premiere date and released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Doom Patrol Season 4, a superhero series about outcasts.

A musical introduction to the mysterious (and terrible) creatures known as the were-butts teases fans to “hang on to their butts” before the DC series returns on December 8. The Doom Patrol must work together to defeat the creatures, which were created “as a weaponized force of nature” by an unknown organization.

In the over one-minute preview of the new season, these teeth butt monsters make their debut to a select group of high-ranking authorities by humorously performing a Music Man classic. Occasionally, members of the Doom Patrol are spotted throwing them around. All the way to getting punched by Cliff Steel, aka Robotman (voiced by Brendan Fraser and physically portrayed by Matthew Zuk).

The main plot of the season is the team going into the future, where they will discover something unpleasant, and ultimately be forced to choose between their own happiness and the fate of the planet.

Cast members April Bowlby (Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl), Joivan Wade (Vic Stone/Cyborg), and Michelle Gomez (Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge) teased that their characters would “truly find themselves” and “get to put on a hero suit” this season at a Sunday panel.

The actress claimed she “liked it so much” to dress up as Elasti-Girl for the teaser. It was the finest thing that ever happened to me since I’ve wanted a real superhero outfit ever since the first season and I thought I was doomed to go without one.

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The actress playing Rita Farr responded to praise for costume designer Carrie Grace by saying, “I have no input in what I’m given,” which was echoed by both Bowlby and Fraser. All she does is make it up. As a result, Rita always finds the appropriate outfit for her.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Cast
Doom Patrol Season 4 Cast

When asked about Rita’s arc this year, Bowlby said that her character “is really eager to be the leader” but “first alienates her Doom Patrol because she wants to perfect.”

She continued, “I think she’s putting on airs a little bit in the beginning, even though she doesn’t know it, and by the end of the season, I think she really truly is grounded and is a true leader for everyone else, and sort of becomes what she hopes she would be.”

Wade said the forthcoming season will feature Vic “truly dealing with finding his superheroism without the superpowers,” and that viewers will get to know “what it means to be a Black man in Detroit” via his experiences. This is Cyborg’s arc for the upcoming season. Vic will have to find a new way to assist his fellow Doom Patrol members now that he is no longer basking in the “glow” and “glory” he is accustomed to as Cyborg.

If you’re not a superhero, how can you contribute to a team of them? The inquiry was posed by Wade. He comes to terms with the fact that “the superhero within him is not about the superpower, but the mindset… the mindset is what makes him a superhero and wanting to protect or wanting to serve or wanting to do everything in his power to still risk himself — still risk his life — without all those cybernetics.”

The program is about an unorthodox family that needs one other even if they don’t like to accept it, Fraser said, praising Robotman as a narrative about misfits. The actor says that in season four, Cliff will continue to try to make up for his difficult upbringing by being more human.

As Fraser put it, “his aim, as I’ve always seen, it is for Cliff to become a better person than he was as a robot,” which struck me as poetic. That he is given the opportunity to make amends with his daughter and grandchild is something I believe will happen in season four.

While Laura is “infected by Rita’s goodness,” Gomez’s Madame Rouge represents the other side of the coin.

“Like everyone that we love, we want to be our greatest versions of ourselves, but for that person,” she continued. Everyone here is just aiming to do their best. “But there are days when that’s exactly what you don’t want to be.”

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