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Bray Wyatt Returned To WWE At Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt Returned

Bray Wyatt Returned

Bray Wyatt proved to be the “White Rabbit” and is now back in WWE in an epic return. Wyatt was unexpectedly let go by the company in July 2021. After weeks of “White Rabbit” hints, he returned to WWE at the end of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on Saturday night at the Wells Fargo Center.

After Matt Riddle beat Seth Rollins in the main event of Fight Pit, the lights went out as he and special referee Daniel Cormier walked back to the stage as Michael Cole was ending the show. Then, Wyatt’s signature “He’s got the whole world in his hand” song could be heard, and spotlights shone on people dressed as both his former “Firefly Funhouse” character and his former “Fiend” character.

As the crowd started to buzz, a door opened and a video package of a trashed Firefly Funhouse with its theme music played. A TV in the room started to buzz, and a white-masked figure appeared on the screen.

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The arena door was then shown and opened to reveal a blue light. The figure walked out with Wyatt’s trademark lantern, then took off the mask to reveal himself to shouts of “Holy s–t!” Then Wyatt blew out the lantern, and a logo similar to the one he uses for his Twitter profile came up on the screen to confirm that it was him.

Bray Wyatt Returned

It was the payoff to weeks of rumors and clues after WWE started playing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” with the lights out or flashing red, like Wyatt’s “Fiend” character does at live events and during some commercial breaks on Raw and SmackDown. QR codes have been shown on Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks leading to hints about who the “White Rabbit” was.

These hints pointed to Wyatt’s return and a few other WWE stars to throw fans off the scent. A report from Fightful Select says that WWE recently hired Rob Fee, a former Marvel and Disney writer who has ties to Wyatt, as its new Director of Long-Term Creative. The fee has been involved in the White Rabbit campaign, so it makes sense that WWE would hire him.

On Saturday, WWE didn’t waste any time showing the White Rabbit. The latest QR Code video was shown during the first match between Imperium and the Brawling Brutes. It’s not clear which version of Wyatt we’re going to get. It seemed like he was leaving behind “FireFly Funhouse” and “The Fiend” and going back to an updated version of his original WWE character, “Eater of Worlds,” but with Wyatt, anything is possible.

Wyatt, who is 35 years old, is known as one of the most creative wrestlers, so getting him back is a huge win for WWE and Triple H. Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, was paired with Alexa Bliss at WrestleMania 37 and lost to Randy Orton.

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