Seize the Soul: Blood & Treasure Finale (Updates On Season 3)

As Season 2 of Blood & Treasure on Paramount+ came to a close this past Sunday, the Khan was on a rampage. Did you find the season finale to be “very satisfying?” And what’s the current update on Season 3?

At the beginning of the final episode, Danny, Lexi, Chuck, and Shaw were trying to convince the Superintendent of the Hong Kong Police Department that the recently apprehended Simon Hardwick is not the Great Khan and that the real bad guy is still at large and about to storm the building and seize the spirit banner. Oh, and she has a nuclear bomb hidden underneath, ready to murder tens of thousands. The Superintendent decided to play it safe by putting this group of four “Westerners” in the basement.

When Violet and her thugs infiltrated the police department and began killing police officers, Danny found a hidden staircase and the four of them escaped just before the city went dark. When Violet finally reached the vault where the banner had been stored, she found that Simon had stolen it in his triumph.

Eventually, Simon returned the banner to Violet and scampered off to steal her escape route. While Shaw and Chuck left to (somehow!) deal with the nuclear bomb, Danny and Lexi went after Violet. Shaw was surrounded by evil guys, so he dispatched Chuck ahead to use the explosives as best he could. After discovering the device, Chuck was understandably confused. Luckily, Shaw had provided him a link to a “How To” video through text message, but Chuck’s connection kept cutting out at inopportune times.

For her escape, Violet had planned to be flown to the rooftop helipad, where Danny and Lexi were hot on her heels. However, Simon had already paid or otherwise taken advantage of Violet’s pilot. Soon, Violet was fighting not just Danny and Lexi, but also both of them at once, and the nuclear detonator was being thrown around.

Violet eventually overpowered Danny and shot him multiple times. As he collapsed, Violet tied down Lexi and gave her ex-best friend a brutal beating. Injured Danny, however, grabbed Violet’s attention by waving the explosives, which gave Lexi time to come up behind her and gut her with the Spirit Banner’s pointed end. Lexi, still bleeding heavily, rushed to Danny’s side and proposed that they get married because in some cultures sharing blood is equivalent to getting married.

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In a rosy ending reminiscent of “Happily Ever After,”…. Dwayne Coleman, called “Shaw,” was reunited with his family after Danny successfully petitioned a judge to pardon all of Shaw’s illegal prior crimes. Later, a lawyer for the Reece estate stopped Danny, Lexi, and Chuck to give them 1) a family duplicate of Kate’s CIA Memorial Wall star for Chuck, and 2) an eye-popping trust that Jacob had bequeathed to Danny.

Blood & Treasure Cast
Blood & Treasure Cast

Even though the banner had been recovered, Chuck (now a member of Vatican Intelligence? ), revealed that $10 million of the stolen money “within” it had vanished. After that, we watch as a clean-shaven Simon drives up to a Costa Rican bank with a suitcase full of cash. Simon responds, “I find stuff,” when questioned about his profession, and we see that he is in fact clutching a map.

When will viewers find out Simon’s next objective and where he plans to take his “newlywed” couple, Danny and Lexi?

Co-creator Matthew Federman told TVLine, “At Blood & Treasure we have a kind of ‘never say never and ‘never say die’ [attitude].” This comes before the long-awaited, moved-from-CBS Season 2. In other words, who can say? A reunion is always an option if demand is high enough. There are countless tales for us to tell. Even though male lead Matt Barr has moved on to feature in the new CW drama Walker Independence, “it’s the same corporate roof, so I think it could be worked out,” the EP guessed.

Across the day of the Season 2 finale’s release, Federman tweeted to followers, “I don’t know what the future holds but I’m really proud of what we got to do with this show, shooting our small action/adventure on four countries and through a pandemic. Many thanks to CBS for their faith in us, as well as to our incredible team of writers, actors, and crew members. Indeed, that was the trip of a lifetime. And I want to thank everyone who tuned in and shared the link.

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