Why Did Daniel Patry Splits Gabriel Kuhn Body Into Two Parts Even After Being Friends?

16-year-old After Gabriel Kuhn 12, refused to pay back $1.75 in virtual currency, Daniel Patry sodomized him, killed him, and sawed his body in half. What started out as a method for Gabriel Kuhn, then 12, to meet new people and have some fun turned out to be a death sentence after he became friends with Daniel Patry, then 16.

Because of his history of violent outbursts, Daniel’s parents took him to many Brazilian psychiatrists in the hopes that one of them could assist their 16-year-old son. Daniel was terrified of physicians and would not open up to them. However, his disruptive behavior in therapy led him to discontinue attending.

Some say he spent time in a psychiatric facility, while others say he just stopped attending classes; neither assertion has ever been proven.

Daniel primarily utilized his time online engaging in Tibia gameplay. Daniel spent hours upon hours assuming the role of the Tribia monster throughout his online interactions with other players.

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A Confrontation Between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

During one of his marathon gaming sessions, he happened to cross paths with Gabriel. When Daniel and Gabriel moved in next door to each other, they pretended to be fast friends.

There were plenty of virtual coins to spend in the free-to-play Tribia game. Coins may be spent on everything in the game, from new characters and outfits to virtual pets.

Gabriel created a personal server so that he and Daniel could play together. Gabriel once came to Daniel and requested if he could borrow some virtual currency so he could purchase something from the game’s virtual store. He needed twenty thousand pennies or about $1.75 in American currency. A few days later, Gabriel said he would pay back the coins. Daniel accepted the loan offer.

When Daniel tried to check in to the game on the day Gabriel was supposed to return the cash, he found that he had been banned from the server.

Daniel Patry Visits Gabriel At Home

Daniel Patry
Daniel Patry

Daniel, fuming, decided to pay Gabriel a visit at his house. When Daniel finally knocked on Gabriel’s door, he had already made up his mind to put a stop to his “buddy.”

When Daniel came to the house, Gabriel was there by herself. Even though he owed Daniel money and had banned him from the server, he had no clue that the adolescent was capable of such fury. In an effort to mend fences with his pal, Gabriel welcomed him inside when he arrived.

Upon entering the flat, Daniel immediately launched an assault on Gabriel, hitting the younger, smaller boy and then sodomizing him multiple times.

As Gabriel lay on the floor, hurt and bleeding, Daniel laughed at him in mockery. Gabriel then announced (with courage) that he would be telling his mother about what Daniel had done.

Daniel cut Gabriel’s computer cord and started choking him. This apparently aroused his libido, since he began a s*xual assault on Gabriel as he continued to cinch the rope around his neck.

Daniel Splits Gabriel’s Body in Two

Daniel, assuming Gabriel was dead, tried to stuff his body into a narrow crawl space but was unsuccessful. He found a hacksaw inside the house and began cutting Gabriel’s torso up into manageable chunks, reasoning that this would be the easiest way to transport the body.

Thankfully, Gabriel had not yet died. Painfully, he came to and screamed. Daniel was thrilled by the prospect of hearing Gabriel fight and scream. Despite Gabriel’s cries for help, he continued cutting through his corpse until it was in two parts.

He attempted to stuff Gabriel’s head and body down the crawlspace after carving Tibia symbols into his body. After realizing his body would not fit, Daniel abandoned it in the hallway and ran away. Later that day, Gabriel’s sibling came across the grisly scene.

Daniel Admits To Killing

Gabriel Kuhn Murder
Gabriel Kuhn Murder

As soon as police learned of the internet dispute, they questioned Daniel. Daniel confessed to killing Gabriel and gave investigators gory details about the crime. He didn’t seem to feel any guilt as he recounted the events.

As soon as they heard that Daniel had sodomized Gabriel, they assumed he was gay. To this, he angrily rejected his homos*xuality.

Gabriel Spent Three Years in a Juvenile Detention Center

Daniel Patry was tried and convicted in Brazil as a child and sentenced to three years in a juvenile detention center. His incarceration ended in 2010 and he was released. After his release, Daniel’s whereabouts and whereabouts have been largely unknown. Maybe he’s started going by a new name now.

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