Who Killed The Most People In History?(Complete Information)

If look back in history, there you can see a list who murder innocent people for a very simple reason and sometimes without any reason. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Genghis Khan, and King Leopold II are crueler emperors.

Who killed the most people in history? Their region was known as the blood area. If you read history in school then you also know about the bloody war between two rulers.

What does Mao’s Great Famine say About History?

“Mao Great Famine” is a history book written by Historian Frank Dikotter, describing a lot about their cruel emperor and their blood field stories. Mao said his country’s past is like other people doing their work and living a simple. But these fights start forced big farmers to do work in short payments.

As these laborers get a little money and their field also extort them, approximately 10 million people died because of not getting proper food. Then it was found that Mao is behind all this. He is the greatest killer in history, with more than 45 million death he did during his time from 1958 to 1962. Mao is too cruel he forced a father to burn his son alive because the son takes some grain without anyone’s permission.

One more hilarious incident is when a man digs a potato, his ears cut and his legs tied with wire and a ten-kilo weight dropped on him. Many millions of people were torched brutally and raised to death. He did all this because he wants to rule over a huge population for a long time. Who Killed The Most People In History?

who has killed the most people in history
What does Mao’s Great Famine say About History?

You read about Mao, above and now Hitler and Joseph Stalin also killed millions of people in the same way as Mao. Now if we compare all the three then who is the massive killer? Mao Zedong was the murderest leader and his policy is “Great Leap Forward.” 

Mao is also the founder of the republic in peoples in China and he ruled from 1949 to his death in 1976. Economic power was always under him and if someone raised his volume against Mao’s cruel police, killed by him brutally. Many civilians become homeless because of his policies.

Labour is forced to perform jobs no matter their physical condition, their food need, and other living needs. If fact two or three million were killed because of not standing correctly in lines.

Other Leaders, Who Killed Million Peoples?

Genghis Khan

But not only Mao but other many emperors were there in history who killed innocent people during their ruling time. Genghis Khan is also one of the murdered emperors. His time period is 1206 to 1227, Genghis was a Mongol Emperor who spread violence around. In his era, China lost ten million people in Khan’s area. Although it was difficult to estimate exact death but approximately 40 million were killed. 

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was next in the queue, although there was not any statical record about Joseph’s total death, more than 20 million people were killed by him. In the Soviet Union, he was the killer emperor. 

Adolf Hitler

     You all are aware of Hitler’s torture and terrible rules. At the time of world war II, the nazi police were taken 11 million people to death. According to this policy gay, disabled, and Romani were killed. As it was only an estimated number, not an exact one. King Leopold II, is also a murdered emperor. 

Simo Häyhä 

Simo Hayha, from Finland, is next, he was a  sharpshooter at the time of the Winter war in 1939. Finish Government gifted him a rifle and in 100 days of the war, he killed even 500 soldiers from his own side, which make him a deadly shooter.

Luis Garavito 

Luis was a serial killer from Colombia. From 1992 to 1999, he killed 500 boys from six to sixteen age. And 140 children he confessed himself. There are many serial killers in Colombian history as Pedro Lopez, and Luis, who killed young girls more than 300 as he confessed.

Mostly, killer, I described here, and the remaining will be described soon. But in answer who kills the most, is not an exact answer than Mao, Stalin, or Hitler. Hope this post improves your knowledge a little bit. To know more knowledgeable post connected with us.

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