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Von Miller Says OBJ Will Join The Buffalo Bills Soon

Von Miller Says OBJ Will Join The Buffalo Bills Soon

Von Miller Says OBJ Will Join The Buffalo Bills Soon

Do not take this as a forecast… According to Von Miller, this information is a spoiler. Miller has spent months hinting at the possibility of Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Buffalo Bills, and now he’s making it official.

The statement was made by Buffalo’s best pass rusher during an episode of The Richard Sherman podcast. Sherman mentioned how great it would be to have OBJ back with the New York Giants when discussing his recent visit to their facilities.

Miller spoke out at this point.

“But let’s be real,” Miller said. “He’s coming to the Bills. He’s coming to the Bills. It’s already said and done. He’s coming the Bills. We’re down a couple of receivers, man.”

Miller is optimistic that Beckham Jr. will sign with a team in November and be ready to play by the end of the season. So, what do we do next? Cash in with another team in 2023 after dominating the playoffs for them as he did for the Rams in last year’s NFC Championship Game and early in the Super Bowl.

Why, therefore, is Buffalo a part of this story? Miller detailed Buffalo’s arsenal and argued that OBJ was the team’s final missing piece.

“You got Josh Allen. You got (Stefon) Diggs. Just think about him and Diggs on the same team,” said Miller. “Like, come on! We got Gabe Davis. We got Isaiah McKenzie. Some young guys are coming in and doing their thing. Dawson Knox, there’s been some trade talk about Saquon (Barkley). We got Devin Singletary. Our offensive line is one of the best offensive lines in the league. Defense is doing what we do… When it’s said and done, we know where Odell is going to be at man.”

While Beckham Jr. ultimately has free will in determining his next residence, Miller appears extremely sure that OBJ would settle in Western New York.

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