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She-Hulk Just Resolved A Six-Year-Old Avengers Mystery

Sokovia Accords Repealed

Sokovia Accords Repealed

She-Hulk, although being about a superhero lawyer, hasn’t really clarified how the law applies to MCU characters. Is Bruce Banner responsible for paying for the damage he caused? Is Steve Rogers eligible for a senior discount? Though we may never know, Episode 8 of She-Hulk through the light at Sokovia accords.

Agreements With Sokovia Nullified

In Season 2, Episode 8, Jennifer Walters faces her equal… in court. When She-Hulk is dragged into defending a client who is suing the tailor who creates her signature outfits, she finds herself in court opposite Matt Murdock (aka, Daredevil). The first time we see the “Man Without Fear,” he’s in a suit and tie, working as an attorney.

In a short-court scenario, the main question is whether or not She-Hulk should be granted access to a complete list of the clients of her tailor. (Whether or whether he has been selling defective super suits is central to the argument, but that’s of little relevance here.) Walters claims that there is no such thing as patient-tailor confidentiality and that obtaining the list is crucial to the case.

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Murdock, though, replies that the knowledge should be concealed to protect the identities of the superheroes whose costumes his client is manufacturing. The final nail in the coffin appears to be his statement that “the Sokovia Accords were abrogated.” What does that entail, though?

Sokovia Accords

Sokovia Records: What Do They Mean In The MCU?

The Sokovia Accords were a proposed set of regulations in the third Captain America film that would have placed the Avengers (and superheroes in general) under the jurisdiction of the United Nations in retaliation to the damage they wrought in the Age of Ultron. Discord among the Avengers erupted at the mere mention of the Accords, with Captain America and a number of his allies refusing to sign.

Even though everyone has seen the end of the film, it has remained unclear if the Sokovia Accords have held. Avengers: Endgame shows the team reuniting ostensibly to maintain peace amid the Blip. However, it was never made clear whether or not this occurred within the Accords’ guidelines.

It seems we finally found a solution. There is no longer an active Sokovia Accords process. We don’t know when or why they were overturned, but it’s safe to presume it was during Avengers: Endgame when the world desperately needed heroes but couldn’t afford to keep them under control. This frees She-Hulk from having to answer to a shadowy international organization (albeit she still has a shadowy secret club to contend with). It also means that the United Nations won’t be too concerned if and when the Avengers reunite.


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