Why Did Walter White Poison Brock In Breaking Bad Season 4?

Why did Walter White poison Brock in the fourth season of Breaking Bad? Although the incident did not occur on screen, the writers have explained it.

In Breaking Bad, why precisely did Walter White poison young Brock? The AMC blockbuster show’s fourth season featured the occurrence, but it wasn’t until the following year that the truth was revealed. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has since offered commentary on what viewers missed with the poisoning.

The six-year-old son of Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend, Andrea, was portrayed by Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo (Emily Rios). In Breaking Bad season 3, Jesse first met Andrea at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and the two eventually started dating. Brock held Jesse in high regard, and the two frequently hung out and formed a bond over video games.

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He kept sending them money through Saul Goodman even after Jesse and Andrea split up so they could afford a better place to live. In Breaking Bad season 4, the two were reunited, but Brock was sent to the hospital with a dangerous illness soon after.

Jesse first felt that Walt took the ricin and gave it to Brock as a punishment for Jesse getting too close to Gus Fring; he thought that Brock was given the ricin meant for Gus. Walt, however, convinced Jesse that Gus must have used the ricin to harm Brock when confronted. Walt made great efforts to persuade Jesse, including putting the ricin-laced cigarette Jesse believed he had misplaced inside his Roomba vacuum.

Sadly, Walt did get Brock sick to turn Jesse against Gus. Therefore Jesse was correct. In contrast to what was eventually determined, the poison came from a Lily of the Valley plant visible in Walt’s backyard in the final frame of the fourth season of Breaking Bad. But how precisely did he use the plant’s berries to poison Brock?

Breaking Bad’s Brock Poisoning Explained

why did walt poison brock
why did Walt poison brock

Later, Walt confessed to Jesse that he had poisoned Brock with a Lily of the Valley plant to keep Jesse on his side and kill Gus Fring, but by that time, their relationship had already fallen apart. Walter White admitted to Jesse that he saw Jane Margolis die and decided not to step in shortly after, as Jesse was brought to Jack Welker’s compound.

Many people believed that one of Jesse’s first actions after Walt freed him in the Breaking Bad series finale was to locate Brock and care for him as a way to remember Andrea. El Camino, released in 2019, provided Jesse Pinkman just enough time to wrap up his affairs and have a chance at the freedom he had been frantically seeking while being held captive by Jack Welker and the neo-Nazis.

Jesse wrote Brock a letter before running away to Alaska, but the details of his writing are left up to the viewers’ interpretation. Vince Gilligan initially intended Jesse to be read as a voice-over. Eventually, he decided to keep its content a secret, which is still a matter between the producers and Aaron Paul.

What Brock Actor Ian Posada Has Been Up To Since Breaking Bad

Posada’s essential parts in the two films focusing on the illicit drug trade are a curious coincidence, but thankfully Sicario keeps him mostly out of harm’s way, unlike Breaking Bad. Although there are many brutal scenes in the AMC series, Brock’s poisoning in Breaking Bad season 4 is one of the most difficult to witness.

Final Lines:

Walter White poisoned Brock because he wanted Jesse Pinkman to think that Gus Fring was the one who poisoned the child. This would make Pinkman want to kill Gus Fring and do White’s dirty work again.

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